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  1. Bro if wan sell maxspect light can text me u got my number
  2. Maxspect r420r 16w - 16000k The blue led not working .... De aquatic no more stock.... Who else can repair ??? Thank you for helping !!
  3. Maybe going to find a 2nd hand will place on the side of cabinet
  4. Everything done start to run the water again ya !!!
  5. All is local pipe some AMK and toh guan . B cos I like blue and white hahaha
  6. I do it in kaki bukit take about 5 days 90x45x45cm normal 10mm glass The over flow box inside the tank and all the piping I do it myself .
  7. The blue container is 120L I use big size rubber pipe without pump . It is fast less then 3 mins . If u need this container I can sell it to you after I use , cost $40 only which what I bought from other .
  8. From pasar malam ..... Forget it money oredi paid...... What to do ....sad . Waste time waiting for so many day doing noting...
  9. The tank I brought it from (sgreef pasar malam) and the container got thank for a nice person sell me cheap in this forum .
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