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  1. Hi bro..interested in ur corals. Pm me thru this number 87206036
  2. Does any reefers here has a seahorse tank? Do share on the experience and the set up..
  3. Thank you all reefers for ur comments and great advise..I believe this is a good topic to relate on as most of us are curious on how water changes need to be done and stability is the key. Appreciate on the sharing!
  4. Hi great reefers, does anyone do automatic daily water change with a dosing pump? What's the experience and stability manageable with this process?
  5. Hi Reefers, Just wanna share on my experience with my saltwater Mollies. There are cheap and hard workers especially in eliminating algaes in the reef tank. Jake Adams from Reef Builders recommendations and acclimation process did motivate me on how to get the mollies in my tank. Hope that other Reefers had experience the same thing and had a great one with this fishes. Happy reefing!
  6. Selling Tomato clownfish

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