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  1. Bleached and injured brain. Rrp $350. Selekton size 12cm(big) For expert to buy and try to reverse it back to original state. Wysiwyg Fast deal at $80. Thanks
  2. Before bleached and injured. Big piece. For expert to bring it back to it beautiful state. Selling at $120. Rrp $350. Thanks and have a nice day ahead.
  3. Wts injured bleached big Wellsophyllia brain for $120 Retail price $350 Selekton size 12cm(big) Colour green/yellow and red Big size and still eating mysis. Below pic with red circles show the injured part. Selling at $120. Interested parties please pm me. Thanks and happy new year to everyone
  4. Totally black out the tank. Coral can survive without light for 1 week.
  5. Yup. I think is reverse hammer too.
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