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  1. Hope that's the issue, interested to hear your updates!
  2. All the best in recovery bro. One thing I read in overseas forums is to start the torch on sandbed, and slowly move it up incrementally to its final location over the weeks. Reason being the torch may have come from an environment in even much lower light than you currently have.
  3. Yea bro, the skimmer looks fine to be honest, skimmer take some time to break in, cos you need biofilm to build up in the skimmer for it to skim properly. Mine took about 2-3 weeks before it was skimming properly
  4. TLF Stax rocks for easy aquascaping, or caribsea life if you want to have established tank look from the start
  5. i think it's quite normal for them to sometimes extend longer than others, after all they're also living things.
  6. maybe some acans/ alveo. Don't touch any of the euphyllia genus to start, they can be quite finicky
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