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  1. Alright. Will try it next time. Thanks!
  2. Cool. I wanted to use it to breed pods though but i feel like its too small. Tried once, but all my pods disappeared after few days
  3. Hi guys, just a question to anyone using this kind of fuge, how do u keep the chaeto moving in the small area? Mine is just stagnant and now got other algae growing on top of my chaeto. Like forming a layer of different algae on surface. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Hi fellow reefers, just wondering whats the recommended height for light fixture for a reef tank. Currently using the noopsyche k7 ii. Just want to know whats the height recommended from light to water level. Thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Im using this similar setup but my chaeto not growing though[emoji28] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Sure. Will do this slowly. Thx for the advise
  7. @SubzeroLT got my refractometer and checked the salinity. Was super high at 1.038.Most likely my swing arm type of measurement is the issue gonna be performing a wc later on
  8. Already did a major wc before. Mg was at 2010 and ca was 890. Changed to a red sea blue tub salt mix and the values decrease but its still above the recommended values. Will try to use a refractometer first though.
  9. My salinity is at 1.026 and using the swing arm type of device. Possible reason mayb my device is nt so accurate???
  10. Hi guys. Im fairly new to this hobby. Tank was running fowlr but recently trying to keep corals. Tested water parameters, my mg and ca is quite high. Ca:690, mg:1890. Did not dose any ca or mg additives. Only dose kh as it drops as per normal. Previously using skimz salt but now change back to red sea blue tub. Any other ways to bring down my mg???
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