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  1. Found trade, can close liao thanks
  2. Hello reefers, looking to swap my 1 poylp superman rhodactis to other mushroom Can be disocoma or rhodactis pm me with picture 3q
  3. Another piece which I put in a moderately high flow area decide to split up too.
  4. Update, he decided to split!!! Finally All it takes is some twist and turn to annoy him once in a while so he moves and splits on his own
  5. :0 random baby popped out of nowhere, such tenacity. Pulled it out and he's resting in a small glass cup haha
  6. I have a frag that is hanging on the edge with another rock at the bottom, tried to remove the glued rock only to realize it had already attach it foot to the bottom rock, hope it leaves a foot and make more bbs haha
  7. Any good recommendations for a custom tank, am current looking for a 45x38x20 kinda low tank
  8. Just asking a simple question, have this piece in tank for 2. 5 years already, sure its getting bigger but why isn't it splitting itself? Fews weeks ago bought a green rhodactis which was smaller than this but decided to pinch itself and split within weeks... Is it just the mushroom itself or what Can I do something else to let him split naturally? Besides cutting
  9. Left Xenia, gsp, fire ice zoa, antivenom, all for 25...
  10. Toadstool, rhodactis reserved..
  11. Can trade with mushrooms too Looking for a green digi Bundle include Green furry rhodactis Jap green toad stool Green star polyp Alien antivenom zoa 2polyp Fire ice zoa 1 colony Baby pulsing xenia Bundle going for 40 Collect woodlands/admiralty area Telegram @awiiieeeeee Or pm for info
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