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  1. Mystic monti sold Forest fire is back up New frags in Bird nest 8 Metalic mush 15 Gsp mat 15 (bigger than palm size, can just glue directly onto mat)
  2. All ssc except the 1st resevered, Forest fire reserved
  3. Ups, Grandmaster Krak plug $120 Ssc bottom left reserved
  4. 3 more ssc frags in Price revision : Ssc 26/frag Rasta shroom 20 Forest fire shroom 20 Blue digi 10 Gsp rock 30 Rbta 5 Ice fire 15 Mystic sunset 35
  5. More things up RBTA 5 Fire ice zoa colony 20 Able to nego, happy reefing
  6. More things up 1x small xenia for 8 1x mystic sunset monti (encursting) for 40
  7. Adding 1x forest fire($25) in All above still available for trading/sale
  8. Trading 2 polyp gmk to a jawbreaker shroom Rasta skirt shroom for 25 German blue digi for 12 Gsp rock for 35 Ssc for 28
  9. oh btw, im just curious, since this is a low profile tank thread, how high do you guys hang ur light above water level? i currently using 2x ai primes HD with 25cm above
  10. ahaha for low profile tanks, less is more, less rock = more space for coral growth+ more flow to other areas. Im thinking of getting another wave maker at the other end once i remove the egg crates. using the jebao slw20 at 40% currently
  11. The whole thing is 90x38x33 ,excluding ios my display only 90x27x33, the back part took 1/3 of the space haha
  12. Up for the week, still have Ssc left 1 piece
  13. Nah not custom, this one is the IM fusion 30L, great ios tank
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