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  1. Hi Everyone! Happy CNY! Im new here and thinking of starting this new hobby. Im now doing some research before I purchase my equipments and other items! I intend to keep soft corals only (and other livestock) for a 300 liter tank (thinking of getting Red Sea Reefer XL 300). Does any of you have any experience and success on using the RED SEA CARE RECIPE? Below is the suggested water parameter, dosages, etc. Of course, it is all red sea products! In case you have better experience on other products/recipe, any recommendations?
  2. Thank you for your reply! much appreciated! Im now encouraged to get a red sea tank!
  3. Hi ALL, Im new here. Have zero experience on marine/reef tank. But I have been keeping a planted fresh water aquarium for about 10 years. I want get into the marine/reef tank hobby and start with either a 600mm or 900mm tank. Since the start up cost of this hobby comes with a hefty price tag, would you know if there are marine tank shops that offers 0% installment plan?
  4. Hi all, Im new here and new to the hobby. Im Thinking of getting red sea reefer 170 or 250....
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