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  1. I’m trying to sell away everything due to decommission of this system PM if interested. Location at Toa Payoh My tank size is 24x18x18 inches for reference. A: - 2 pieces of resin rock - RBTA x5 - Small long tentacle toadstool frag x4 - Forest fire digi - Red mushroom and zoa colony - plus other small frags here and there B: Zoa rock C: (sold)
  2. They are not harmful, just unsightly. They usually go away as the tank matures.
  3. Maybe try to remove the coral and scrub the area with a toothbrush.
  4. Toothbrush holders I found at Giant for $2 make really good frag racks!
  5. These appears to propagate quite fast and they looked really good too.
  6. One suggestion is to get a cooling fan with a thermostat controller which turns on the fan every time the tank gets warm and turns off after it’s cooled enough to prevent unnecessary evaporation.
  7. I can see the dragon in the Rock-work too! I’m sure adding corals to the rock would make it look a lot better!
  8. Owned the bubble coral for more than 2 years now!
  9. Started this aquarium on 19 Feb, instant cycled this aquarium using marine pure spheres from my larger aquarium.
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