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  1. Yeah i did some research on them decided to go for the Hailea 28A and I'm loving it.
  2. Would like to thank everyone again foe their input i know this is an ols post but after getting chiller everything seems so much better and much more stable. Heres a quick update on my nano tank. Most of the corals closed up because i dimmed the lights already.
  3. @Mochi @Otaku Reefer thank you! I believe I’ve found the right direction for a chiller for my nano tank. thanks everyone for sharing your inputs.
  4. Thank you for your help @Darrance Kohappreciate the input.
  5. @PulposTriste Thank you for assisting. Yes I do keep up with the water change for my nano tank. I’ll reconsider the doser. For the chiller, like the one you’ve mentioned above. Are they reliable? I was considering the Hailea 28a, do you think this is too much for a nano tank?
  6. Currently running a 10G nano tank with a fan to cool the tank down. I need some recommendations for a chiller that is suitable for a nano tank and also something reliable. For doser I’m not really sure what I should be looking for can anyone assist with recommending a brand? thank you.
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