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  1. Yea I read quite abit too, but from what I read, the more “normal” ph drop is to 7.5 or 7.6, less than that is uncommon. But in any case, my ph level is now back to more normal levels, currently 7.8, so I’ll just have to be patient too. Not too sure on the snails, I read on other US forums, it seems we don’t need that many snails unless the tank is fairly established. A new tank apparently not much to eat. But yea I would agree prob not food, since dying from hunger in only 2 days seems abit too quick haha! Maybe just suay. Did you use only dry rock as well? Apparently most tanks g
  2. Following! I'm cycling just rocks right now as my tank is not here. Seems I'm a couple weeks behind you. My pH dropped like a brick too during 1st week cycling. Lowest at 7 on Seneye! But unlike you I couldn't tahan and added a little kalk to buff it up a little to 7.6. This was about a week ago. Yea my Seneye reef doesn't seem to be as accurate as I hoped to too. Wondering if its a faulty slide or not. I bought a separate PH meter and it read higher than the Seneye (eg. Seneye reading 7.2, pH meter read 7.8). But no idea if the meter is accurate also, lol. Your current pH reading of 7.9-
  3. Hi Luenny, I just got back into the hobby and was shopping around too Unless have a lot of spare time to go around, most probably its best to find a shop (or a couple) which is closer to you. I visited quite a few places and I won't name the places I was indifferent to, but here are the places I think should be okay. In no particular order: East: Fresh n Marine (staffed by mostly young chaps who are helpful and friendly) DE Aquatic (boss is accommodating and a nice guy) Ah Beng Aquarium (boss initially looks abit fierce behind the mask, but also very nice a
  4. Hi guys, anybody know which dry rock is better? Marco Rock or DD Aquascape Rock?
  5. Got it thanks! Yeap, at least 1 year away I guess! Tank haven't even arrive, 1-2 months out!
  6. This is helpful, thanks, good to know that dry rock is not an impediment to Coralline. Hmm I did not really think of it that way, but yea I guess it does make some sense. Though I read that certain species of coral like to grow over the coralline algae, and other corals such as SPS can outcompete coralline algae anyway in a healthy system. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/will-frags-encrust-over-algae.453398/ Sorry can give full name of "FM"? Is it the name of a brand? Yea in the past I just ended up dosing a little more. For me personally I think Coralline alga
  7. Hi guys, I've had mixed reef tank before so not totally inexperienced, but that was many years ago and now itchy backside start again. So the challenge I'm facing is the choice of rocks for my new setup. In the past, live rock was the default option as it was relatively cheap and easy to get. But it seems nowadays we are limited to dry rocks or very expensive cultured live rock. Can any senior reefers advise if they have had success with dry rocks? I don't think I'll take the caribsea life rock option as it is apparently synthetic and not great in the long run (slower coralline algae
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