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  1. Gold hammer also up for sale 40.. frogspawn price revised to 50..
  2. Wts light yellowish green Frogspawn size about golfball when full open collection at jurong/boonlay.. for more video can PM me Price-60 IMG_7973.MP4
  3. Wts leather coral about 5cm.. 8 to 9cm when fully open.. Selling to clear tank space.. self collect west area.. $20
  4. Thank you, already shifted them apart..
  5. Wts 2 frag of zoas.. each has about 6 to 8 pps.. for more pics or video can pm me..
  6. Lesl

    hi i do have a few hardy leather coral and zoas to let go on cheap if u keen.. due to lack of space in tank.. u wana have a look can WS me at 8111 4359

  7. Selling off 2 ocellaris bout 5cm each.. to reduce bioload for my tank.. $10 for both.. Live rock with at least 15 to 17 polyps of zoas about palm size.. $60 Pm if need more photos or video.. Self collect preferred
  8. Hi all can frogspawn and toadstool touch each others? use to be small but both growing to touch each other soon IMG_7519.MOV
  9. Lesl


    collected.. close thread thanks
  10. Lesl


    want to give away 1 diadema dottyback and 1 yellow damsel, both about 4-5cm.. reducing bioload.. reefsafe.. just give a bottle of greentea for me will do.. keen pls pm me..
  11. Forget to mention do comes with stand holder.. Ups for nego and self collect.. PM if keen
  12. WTS used but still in excellent condition.. Looking to sell at 100.. orginal price 160.. for more info please read the specification on box or can google Dymax spacex reeflight
  13. your location?

    1. Lesl



  14. Lesl


    i have a healthy big damsel for trade for any small reefsafe fish or cleaning crew or give.. interested can pm me for pics and vids
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