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  1. Hi, Anyone with a healthy and decent sized AT who wants to let go please? Thanks!
  2. Update : Naso Tang Sold to a gentleman with a huge tank!
  3. Naso Tang reserved. Thank you for your interest.
  4. Hi, Letting go of this stable, pellet gobbling greedy Blonde Naso Tang. Getting too large for my tank. Super-stable and fat. Asking $120.
  5. Hi, Looking to buy a good working set as a back-up unit. Please let me know if you have one to let go? Thank you!
  6. I’m so sorry I missed your reply. I got one already thank you!
  7. Hi, Letting go of this BNIB Jebao 3.4. Never been used before. ROS - this is a back-up unit, but so far, cannot foresee any need for it. Asking $100. (Receipt available). Thanks.
  8. Hi, if anyone has one to let go, please let me know? Thank you so much!
  9. Thank you so much longipods and Otaku Reefer for the advice!
  10. Thanks so much for the helpful comments. In terms of battery backup, what did you use? Also, won't aeration be the most important too?
  11. Thanks Ivcap for posting on my behalf. Managed to start my own thread on this. 2 units of Redsea LED90s only 3 months old, both come with mounts. Still under warranty. Brand new is $1240. Asking $999. Boxes and receipt available.
  12. Sorry, don't mean to hijack this thread. Can I also ask if Sohals are as aggressive as they are made out to be?
  13. Hi Reefers, quick question please. My condo is scheduling a power outage for maintenance from 9 to 5pm. What can I get by with and cannot and what can be done about those that I cannot? An Uninterrupted Power Supply unit can't power up a chiller and lights can it? Thanks so much!
  14. Stories are too similar, I'm now more convinced it's the NoPox and the low / undetectable phosphate levels.
  15. I'd like to add in here too. I'm new and my first coral was a 2-head hammer. It did extremely well until 2 weeks ago, it started to wither. I'm baffled. I thought it was my nitrates that were too high. I went on a nitrate extermination drive with NoPox and Orca Lab Nitraguard. All the other corals are doing well still, except for the poor hammer. I do expect casualties, but I want to understand what I did wrong. My parameters were always within normal sea-water levels. My Nitrates are now 5 ppm and undetectable Phosphates. I googled "Zero Phosphates Hammer Dying" and got a couple of hits that the zero phosphates are the issue. Any idea?
  16. Thanks for your helpful comments. I was advised to use an Arctica 1/5. Supplier seem to recognize noise level issues. Seems like the 1/4 hp range are noisier. Crossing my fingers! But yes, most people I speak to at LFS says it's something they all contend with especially with their better halves!
  17. About the same, about 20mins. For the Pump, I managed to exchange my SICCE 4.0 for the Tunze Silence Electronic Recirculation Pump 1073.05. Can hardly hear anything, even with ears near it! What a contrast!
  18. How about chillers? Anything quieter than the Teco TK1000? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  19. Thanks so much guys!!! There's hope for me! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  20. Just got my Redsea Reefer 350 set-up yesterday. The return pump, a SICCE 4.0 Silent, was anything but silent. And the TECO TK1000...super noisy. The tank is located in the living room. Wife cannot take it. Asked me to give up and sell everything!! Anyone has the same experience with the SICCEE Silent? Any quiet return pumps to recommend? The Chiller, is ARCTICA a lot quieter? Help please....desperate! :)
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