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  1. Oh.....how frequent do u replace the active carbon?
  2. Do you maintain low level of Nitrate and Phosphate? Did u check for nitrate levels? Because I saw some articles is quite risky to overdose iodine which is toxic for fish and coral.
  3. That's awesome clove. Which water parameters and mineral dosing do I focus to take care clove?
  4. Wow....I really admire your clove polyp. That's the condition I see when I bought from marine shop but never happen in my tank. My tank is around 3.5 months old. Guess still not stabilize as I didn't check got phosphate, calcium and magnesium level. What do u maintain for your tank to kept clove polyp?
  5. My tank is about 3.5 months old. I do have some fishes, anemone and pulsing xenia but they still looks ok. Guess my tank condition still not ready yet especially that nitrate. I also never check for phosphate level. But I thought clove polyp should be quite hardy and good for beginner. I was really surprised to it rotten like this. Does clove require low nitrate, low phosphate and temperature below 28 deg C? My tank temperature is around 29.8 degC
  6. I have purchased a medium frag of neon green clove polyps from a local marine store. I was told by the owner that it will slowly open in tank after min 3 days of acclimatization. However, I notice it it started to rotten on 4th day. My water parameters is pH (8.2) , KH (9), ammonia (0.25 ppm), nitrite (0.25ppm) and nitrate (160ppm). I am trying my best to reduce nitrate. Is it because high nitrate resulted it is dying? Welcome anyone share their photo of blooming clove polyps.
  7. Does anyone has any experience on keeping yellowheaded sleeper goby? I have 1 in my tank for 3 months but i saw it mostly hide in 1 corner. It doesn't sift the sand for cleaning and not really eating even though I feed it with mysis and brine shrimp. My goby length is around 15cm. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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