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  1. Welp, yesterday night, I saw brown jelly flowing from the sides of the hammer, and it's tips started receeding. I was afraid so i'd just bin it.
  2. I see! Hmm guess i'll be giving LPSs a pause for now then! Thanks and cheers
  3. Good evening reefers!! Been keeping my tank for close to 2 months now. I started my hobby back in early Aug, dived head-on into marine keeping. Boy was I un-prepared. My tank went from a small 1ft cube to a 2ft 60L (~15G) tank. Enthusiastically, I went to many LFS to get corals and fishes. Right now, my tank's housing 2 clowns, 1 juvi sail-fin tang, a violet dottyback, a firefish and some CRCs. In it is also some SPSs (1 red planet, some golden tip acro & full-on gold one) & LPSs (3 branching hammers). My light's a Zetlight ZT6600 handed-down from a fellow reefer. I run mostly whites for about 5hrs a day, and in the evening its set to more blue. But for whatever reasons, I can't understand why I kept loosing my euphyllia(s). My water params are as such: Ammonia: .25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: - Magnesium: 1.125ppm KH: 9 (P.S. I know ammonia & nitrite is supposed to be 0. I think I got too enthu and thought that it was okay to add corals with live-stock in. I've since started dosing Nite-out II) I've also spoken to some reefers who told me my magnesium might be low. But my LFS also said that if my KH is fine, my magnesium should be too. I've got 3 more hammer spawns that are doing fine, but for whatever reason, the damn spot which I placed my hammer, or torch back then, is cursed to the point no euphyllia can grow there. Is there something wrong? Attached (my 3 hammers doing fine, but my 1 hammer just dying off. It had brown algae and I tossed it in fear of spreading) :
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