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  1. Tankset is $150, buyer is encouraged to view tank. Priority will be given to buyer for getting the Tankset and lightest .
  2. Tank dimension: 3(L) x 2.5(W) x 2(H).All round 12mm with crystal front glass c/w Laminated cabinet and sump. Aquatic Life 36” G2 T5HO Hybrid Fixture c/w six(6) ATI light tube and some spare Light tubes. Original lightest is 4 light fitting , I added two more light fitting to it. Feel free to PM for more details and discussion. No livestocks, only Tankset and lighting fixtures. Thank you.
  3. Dasani is okay too.. as long it is not mineral water.. Ntuc house brand per carton of 1.5 litres is below $12 bucks…
  4. Ntuc pure and life , whichever is available
  5. Sand depth is negligible, they is only so much u can remove. 30W amd without white lighting, watch your corals extension
  6. It’s the same but you will be paying more for buying bottle water in the long ran. I order di water from NTUC by 10 cartons and they delivered to my house. if your tank is big, rodi systems at home will be a better option.
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