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  1. Bernardpora 35/ea Stratocaster zoa to the highest low baller. Circle the one you want and send me. This batch all has 1x baby on the plug. Fauna Marin ICP 40/- Contact 95662459
  2. Hi all, Mushroom @ 80 , Bernard @ 35 , Fauna Marin ICP @ 40. contact @ 96552459 FCFS. Would like to clear asap.
  3. 7 down. Forgot to include 30/frag
  4. Hi all! I have 3 types of bernardpora to let go! These are the close up of the 2. To add on, I also want lelong my purple hornet frags @ 20/frag plug HMU @ 96552459
  5. Hi! It's VDM on the left. These goes for about 15~20/pp in retail i think
  6. Letting go to spread lineage. Not sure how to price so just let me know what's a comfortable price for you and I'll consider. Thanks 96552459
  7. 2 gonio 1 wonderland reserved. Not selling zoa in the top row. thks
  8. Rainbow infusion 2pp/ frag @ 18 PInk Gonio @ 30/frag Purple hornet 4~6PP @ 25/frag Sympodium @ 10/frag wonderland gonio @ 80/frag Can ping me at 9655 2459
  9. Hi all, Listing: Green bounce mushroom. The "bounce" are nothing like traditional smooth round bubbles. Similar to this whereas bounce are slightly "hair-ier". Purple hornet. Pink Gonio frag. SSC encrusted frag. Not the cut and paste. Grafted Gonio frag. Anything feel free to contact me at nine 655 two 459
  10. Hi all, Willing to do trades as well: Sympodium frag x 02 @ $12 ea Chiquita 1pp @ $18/ea Chiquita with gold lace- it kinda morphed from the chiquita @ your offer (Only releasing 4 or 5pps) Purple hornet frag (about 3~4pp) @ your offer I have spare Fauna Marin ICP Test, can let go @ $48/ea Contact me at 9655 2459. Thnks!
  11. Bernardpora sold. Will release again q2 next year. Thanks all. Fauna marin balling salt and trace reserved. Left with: Color element red / blue ICP test x01 @ $50/- hs66A w/ external temp probe @ $208 Reef roids 75g unopened @ 28
  12. Nyos, tropic Marin, vibrant and chiller sold. Rest will sell at further 40% down to quick clear. Red bernardpora approx 4cm to let go too: $25/ea except number 2:$18 cause smaller Noticed posted wrong number: 9655 2459
  13. Fauna Marin: Color element red x1 : $20/- Color element blue x1 : $20/- KH balling 1kg x1: $19/- mg balling 1kg x1: $19/- CA balling 1kg x1: $19/- ;take all powder 50 Trace 1/2/3: take all $40 $15ea Nyos: Magnesium powder: $18/- Magnesium test kit: $20/- Nitrate test kit(used under 10 test): $20/- Tropic Marin: All for reef liquid 1L: $35/- Vibrant: 8oz (used a bit): $38 Hailea chiller: HS-66A (1/4hp) w/external temp probe(used 8 months stored in storeroom since last year) : $225/- Can WA 9655 2495 thks
  14. Nice. Filling up nicely. What's next on your to-get list?
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