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  1. currently not using any chiller or MH. only T5's and my temp hover @ 30 deg....its fine with my fishes....

    will have my chiller running shortly and will add some softies just to beautify the tank....

    thinking of adding yumas, discosoma, leathers, fingers etc....

    Bulbs?? i have ex stocks and full range from 150-400watts :lol:

    You are daring enough to have the expensive Blue Angle in your new tank. :bow:

    Saw once and love at first sight but dare not try......... :paiseh:

    Some LPS( especially those branching type) and mushies will be nice.

    BTW I need 2nos of 14k 250w but do you have slightly bluish than the

    last BLV I bought from you.


  2. I don't get it? Why do they put up a list of endangered species in that PDF? There are billions of animals species. How are they going to cover all? Do they mean that if I were to import an animal thats not in the list, its ok? <_< .. obviously not, so then why bother?

    I can't believe they put Rhinocerous.. :lol:.. hey, lets do a bulk order to bring in Rhinocerous. I'd love a Rhino in my backyard. <_< .. duh..

    ok.. I know I know.. they mean the horns.. :P

    I like your idea!! having rhino in the back yard!! :lol:

    But really have to be careful with the do and don't which

    they stipulate in the law. For me if it really endangered species,

    I will not go for it.

    " If the buying stop, the porching will stop too"

  3. I have 2 brown colonies and some small frag to clear.

    Only to those who are ready or want to start SPS. Bought

    brown and dying at PR for 15 bucks but one of the colony

    got potential.

    Maybe swop for a token of Seachem amino acid or anything

    just pm me.

    PS; Only for one lucky reefer to take all.

    Need to clear space and rescaping so must clear fast. ;)

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