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  1. On 7/29/2023 at 10:36 AM, BeanBag said:

    Fishes to clear for house moving
    Sohal Tang $200
    Ebili Tang $30
    Orange Shoulder Tang $30
    Purple Zebrasoma $150
    Brown Zebrasoma $30

    All tangs about 5inches big. So minimally you need a 3 to 4 ft tank.

    Copperband $80 (Mysis and Brineshrimp feeding) stable and helps clear aiptasia
    Banggai Cardinal $5
    Common Clown $5
    Pink Anthias $5

    6line Wrasse $20 Helps clear monti eating nudibranch

    All fishes with me more than 2 years minimally.

    Collection at Punggol between 4-6 today. If you cannot make it during this timing please don’t try your luck, I can’t hold the fishes.

    Free RBTA for any purchase.
    Those interested can https://wa.me/6583229777

    Hi still available?
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  2. On 1/1/2022 at 12:55 PM, ZmasonJ said:


    Whole tank set for $3500 (No delivery included)

    (Pm for more details 93890793)




    Tank Details


    Tank 12mm , 120cm x 45cm x 45cm , internal overflow box


    Sump, 8mm , 75cm x 35cm x 40cm




    - Refractometer

    - Macroalage reactor Skimz

    - Teco Chiller TK-500

    - Flipper Magnet Cleaner

    - Protein skimmer Skimz SN147DC

    - Skimz QP9 pump

    - 2 Ecotech Radions XR15PRO G5

    - RMS tank mount arms kit

    - Ecotech MP40QD (wave maker)


    Test kits

    - Alkalinity Hanna Checker

    - Ammonia Test Kit (Salifert)

    - Nitrate Test Kit (Salifert)

    - Calcium Test Kit (Salifert)

    - Magnesium Test Kit (Salifert)

    - Phosphate Test Kit (Salifert)


    Fish Food

    - Fish V

    - AB+ Red Sea

    - Garlic Guard

    - SELCO



    - KH, Mg and Ca powder for dosing

    - Red Sea Trace Elements

    - Vibrant

    - Coral Dip (Revive coral cleaner)

    - Fish THERAP (Microbio lift)

    - Flux R for bryopsis algae

    - Aiptasia X

    - Seachem Prime Dechlorinator




    - Air stone

    - Copper

    - Copper Test Kit

    - Tank


    Mini Tank (IQ5 DYMAX) with Spectra Light and Mini Fan


    RODI 4 stage with TDS meter


    Bonsai Scape


    Siporax 2 L / Marine Pure bio balls




    1 and a half salt bucket with buckets and pump


    Fragging tool





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    Do you sell the lights separately?

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