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  1. Erm which day is it that you can drink all you can for $20?
  2. Sim lin square have those webcam with simple resolution at about 30 i think.
  3. Nature Aquarium have custom made t5-ho sets with t5 eballast. If i am not wrong it is only 120 for the set with 3 tubes.
  4. Pink zoos at Reborn Sun burst at Reborn Alot of LPS at Reborn Aqualight test kits offer S$10 at Bio Ocean.
  5. Check with DE Lighting they may be getting in ATI tubes
  6. But he at least could get into the 2nd rounds of the channel U contest
  7. This was posted before He have a cartoon clip too
  8. cool ~ Maybe next workshop could be xenia
  9. I have it with medium flow and by adding trace and iodine
  10. Nature Aquarium have some cool nano light and 3tubes or 4tubes T5-HO fixture
  11. TDS is not for pH or NO3 it is for those DI users So they will know when it is time to replace their DI filter Hope it helps.
  12. There is two type in Singapore. USA and Thailand. You can check for the print on the label. If i am not wrong pricing for it have went up.
  13. You mean those grey in colors? I think hardware store have them or i did see lots of them at reborn coral shop. You can ask Ah Boy
  14. lol i think riot uploaded the wrong pic lol
  15. decentkid dont mind me borrowing ur picture i think there is 1 pcs at Bio Ocean . Blue mouth if i am not wrong.
  16. I think nature aquarium has very afforable DIY housing .. should be 3 tubes type,.
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