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  1. From Jireh Marine - Available corals : Assorted LPS , many Soft corals , Assorted Anemone . Lots of Red , Blue and green mushrooms Lots of Cleaning crew : Snails , sea cucumber , Starfish Red Bamboo and Green Grape Plant Reef Safe Red starfish .- many
  2. From Jireh Marine Aquarium Available Fishes : Adult imperator angel Pomacanthus imperator M Juv. Imperator angel (S) Pomacanthus imperator Juv. Imperator angel (M) Pomacanthus imperator Bicolor angel Centropyge bicolor Raflessie butterfly Chaetodon raflessie Moorish idol Zanclus canescens Coral beauty angel Centropyge bispinosus Lemon damsel Amblyglyphidodon curacao Maroon clown Premnas biaculeatus Green chromis Chromis viridis Black percula clown Amphiprion polymnus Fire fish goby Nemateleotris magnifica White heniochus Heniochus acuminatus Black percula clown Amphiprion polymnus Coral hogfish Bodianus bilunulatus Fox face Lo vulpinus Antennata lionfish Pterois antennata Leniatus tang Acanthurus leniatus Powder brown tang Acanthurus japonicus Blue tang (S) Paracanthurus hepatus Ordinary filefish Monacanthus tuckeri Yellow mimic tang Acanthurus pyroferus Long nose hawkfish Oxycirrhites typus Ordinary filefish Monacanthus tuckeri Black percula clown Amphiprion polymnus Fire fish goby Nemateleotris magnifica Green mandarin Synchiropus splendidus Yellow damsel Pomacentrus moluccensis Diadema basslet Pseudochromis diadema Spotted cardinal Sphaeramia nematoptera Tomato clown Amphiprion frenatus Leopard wrasse Macropharyngodon meleagris Convict worm goby Gobiosoma prochilus Purple seaslug Chromodoris bullocki Sand starfish Archaster typicus Hoeven's wrasse Halichoeres melanurus Sand starfish Archaster typicus Flame scallop Lima scabra Nassarious shell Nassarious vibex Strawberry basslet Pseudochromis diadema Shrimp red/flame Lysmata debelius Shrimp skunk cleaner Lysmata amboinensis Strawberry basslet Pseudochromis porphyreus Convict tang Acanthurus triostegus Clown trigger (Tiny) Balistoides conspicillum Crab sally lightfoot Percnon gibbesi Yellow fin tang Ctenochaetus tominiensis Yellow fin tang Ctenochaetus tominiensis Juv. Shoulder tang (S) Acanthurus olivaceous Crab sally lightfoot Percnon gibbesi Puffer valentini Valentini canthigaster Golden head sleeper Valenciennea strigata Six line wrasse Pseudocheilinus hexataenia Red wrasse juvenile Coris gaimard Hoeven's wrasse Halichoeres melanurus Triangulum butterfly Chaetodon triangulum
  3. Dear Alvin , Thanks for the Update. Dear Reefers Also have many Moorish Idols , many true percula , Golden Angel , purple rhinoplas ,yellow angler , many Regal angel, majestic Angel , Golden Trevally , Red Percula,Anthias ,PDT, Rainford goby , many Blue tang -S,M,L , Dwarf angel , Juv enperor , 6-Bar ,koran , blue Ring ,sailfin tang , devil stinger,2-spot goby,desjardin sailfin,red coris yellow Goby , red filament wrasse , long nose yellow butterfly , Lookdown , ###### shrimp, Anemone shrimp , purple shrimp,flying seahare,blue lobster,sand dollar, spanish dancer,fire fish, red clown goby , yasa goby, pinnatus batfish, emperor juv, and assorted Hard and soft corals . Please Visit Us for See look see look Thanks
  4. Hi Reefers , Not Sure I am Post here or Not . Excuse me If cannot , Cheers have some Interesting fishes at Jireh : True percula , Moorish Idol , Blue Tangs-SML , Golden Trevally , Golden Angels , Regal Angel , Lion fish , Majestic Angel-S,M Red clown , Powder Blue Tang-L , LookDown trevally, Tiny Koran Angel , Juv 6-Bar angel , Rainford Goby , yellow angler, assorted Corals . Come Vist us - Cheers
  5. Dear Thexder and Dan , Just to share my experience like yours today , 2 years ago I tried several brands of buffers on my 50 sets of my display tanks , but result not satisfactory - water parameter no good , ph not stable , coral cannot open well and fish looks "sian sian" - you know not well - no appetite kind of look and sluggish . After Using Reefmax for 2 years - many customers have seen/and commented in some of the thread that our Corals open big big and our fishes are exceptionally healthy , active and have big appetite.-Thanks to ReefMax ABC Just like you , in the beginning I was also skeptical in Using ReefMax ABC , the day of assurance came when I set up my 4 feet display tank ( see thread on Tank setup) about 2 years back - after setting up the Tank i put in 4 pieces of hard corals they are - Hammer , Bubble ,Acropora , and plate - elephant skin and lettuce corals but to my shock the next day both the plate started to RTN from the sides , the hammer and bubble closed up and the Acropora died . I checked the Ph and found that it dipped from 8.1 to 7.9 overnight , out of desparation i hurriedly dose 10 teaspoon of part A ,and 4 teaspoon of Part B & C THEN the Ph went up to 8.2 . FOR THE NEXT FEW DAY AS I MONITORED THE HARD CORALS - TO MY SURPISE THE BOTH THE PLATE CORALS STOPPED RTN AND BOTH THE BUBBLE CORAL AND HAMMER STARTED TO BLOOM. After about 2 months of using REEFmax ABC - the Plate Corals grew back over the exposed skeleton and became big and fluffy . Use The Reefmax as recomended in the instruction - it will definitely improve the overall condition in the Tanks and Coralline Algae will start to appear in about 3 months under moderate lights . Please Note That you need to also control the Phosphate below 0.015ppm and nitrate below 40ppm. We have Rowaphos & ReefPhos to reduce PO4 and Aquamedic Denitrator to help reduce No3. many Customers Use ReefMax ABC today with Lugols Solution and Had Great Result . I will Sent you some results of the Marine tank using Reefmax ABC shortly ReefMax Have Benefitted many reefers and Save them a Lot of Money because it is cheap , easy to use and Works. God Bless - Thanks for your Interest Well - Hopefully some Reefmax user will help put in their Feedback on their experience with reefMax ABC> Thanks
  6. Dear Reefer , I am JIREH Tay , a Marine Aquarist turn MArine Shop Aquarist and Owner. I finally broke my silence with reluctance because I do not like to engage in gossip and arguement cause it make all of us look ugly and is not constructive. I apologise for the inconvenince and dissatisfaction and hope you all will forgive and forget , I still have much to offer for your hobby. It also shocked me that some Aquarists are so critical and demanding , attacking without reservation on slightest inconvenience or lost of bargain. For over 20 years I visited marine aquarium shops like you , looking and buying fishes and coral , been overcharged , ignored and get sarcastic remarks by Aquarium Owners many times , forgive and forget well today they are my friends. Marine Fish keeping are suppose to help us relax and be happy not getting angry over bargain we cannot get . You cannot understand how much investment of money and energy to build,maintain a thriving marine aquarium shop and how pathetically Low a profit aquarium shop are making today. This explain why 200+ Aquarium shops closed during the last 2 years and in the West only a few marine aquarium shops are left today. Fortunately , by God's grace my business is still growing and have many good regular and new customers. Let me address several points you mentioned truthfully : 1) Fire Goby Missing - God knows that the night before we really have about 1/2 a dozen fire goby , as you know fire goby are jumpers , we lost many before this way so you might have notice we put green netting over the tank but if you look properly it is not 100% cover there is a gap especially if not slotted properly . So unfortunately when you come , some jump out cause when people walk pass the Fire goby go Rocket anyhow . 2) Expensive price and overcharge This accusation is out of whack. Expensive against what reference and quality. There are 2 Marine Aquarium shops near me in the West - I am the cheapest . My Price is higher than the farm but my quality is also higher , my fishes are more lively,stable and mostly feeding . ( check with those who buy my fishes ) Normally fishes are sold cheap when they just arrive or in plastic bag but the risk is high . We normally feed our fishes 2-3 times a day , if so happen you come during feeding time you can see , however please not insist we feed again because overfeeding will cause the Tank to crash . 3) We may not have Excellent attitude but we are generally friendly to customers who are friendly . However some customers have " Leave me alone " and "stress out " look, like some of you , we will normally leave you alone to Browse freely. I am sorry if leaving you alone Upset you. Our Minimum service are, telling you the price - catch the fish , pack and thank you when you pay. Please note : WE HAVE NEVER INSIST OR PERSUADE ANYONE TO BUY ANYTHING AGAINST THEIR WILL. Look closely : the fishes , corals or product - if price and quality matches - buy otherwise please do not buy . 4) Checking Prices over the Phone .This is the most irritating thing , you call every shop you know and check the price till the last dollar - tell me if you are in my shoe , will you be happy to tell everyone how much you selling so they can conveniently compare prices & squeeze you later ?? How I know whether you are competitor or not ?? Actually our prices are quite reasonably if you look properly for example :a) Resun Chiller CL-650 : $390 without waranty ( Sorry all sold ) $480 with 1 year warranty Flame Angel : $38 - (S/M) not feeding , $50 ( L/XL)feeding on mysis and pellet. I sold 1/2 dozen within a week @ $50 c) Koran - (S/M) $18 , (L) $30-35 = all feeding on mysis and Pellet d) Fire Goby $8 feeding on Mysis and Brine shrimp e) Doctor fish $4 feeding on cyclofreeze and brine shrimp f) Moorish Idol 8- $10 ( not feeding ) , feeding $25 h) Majestic Angel - $38 not feeding , feeding $45 Please note : sometimes certain things are expensive because we buy expensive , Buy cheap sell cheap , buy expensive sell expensive . We have Fixed our prices by tagging all our fishes , coral and products . Please be assured our standard prices are applicable to everyone fairly . Any Discount Items will be posted , if my staff quote you wrongly during the discount period or if you have any grievance PM your complain to me directly so we can address your issues to your satisfaction . Let us be friends and make Singapore Reef Club a pleasant place for both Reefers and Sponsors.
  7. Hi , Can you call Jireh MArine tel : 67767990 tomorow 1300 to 2000 hrs so we can check the stock for you today we close
  8. Hi , ARe you interested in overflow pipe $70 , available at my shop
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