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  1. Used for awhile. Still very good condition. $80
  2. 1. Some purple Zoas. (I dont know the name) $25 one frag plug. Many polyps 2. Some Xenia. Grow too fast liao. $20. Got 4 stalks Can PM for more photos or videos.
  3. Bought this from a very nice reefer. But kena bully by my Desjardini sailfin and purple tang. size about 7-8cm $180
  4. Collected. Thank you all for the interest
  5. Hi i have a small bag of chaeto to give away. Anyone interested can come by. S574373
  6. Hi everyone. I m giving away 2 fishes. Both feeding on pallet, mysis and nori. Had them for about a year. Just wan to reduce bio load. collection at upper thomson area. S574373 Foxface about 6-7cm brown scopas tang about 4-5cm
  7. Bought it from another reefer. Its healthy but sometimes open sometimes close. Maybe i cant handle. Willing to trade for gold torches or clams. (I can top up if yours costs more) If not its $90 if anyones keen. Around 7-8cm.
  8. 1. Zetlight ZT6600 LED - $200 2. Jebao MLW-10 wave maker - $60 (SOLD) 3. Aquarium fan - $10 4. Bubble magus QQ3 skimmer - $100
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