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  1. Frogspawn 3hds $60 hammers 4-5 hds $60 each get 2 for $100 get 3 for $140 collection at UBI ws me 88389263
  2. Selling this pair Percula big 2” small 1” Green orange tip BTA Take these x2 fish and 1 BTA all for $60 88389263 WS me
  3. Selling brand new over bought Redsea coral pro salt 22kg $74 Brand new collection at Jalan Tenaga UBI WS me if keen 88389263
  4. Percula Clown small 2.5cm big 5cm $50 for both BTA size 3” when fully extend $30 each Candy Cane Hogfish $40 WS me 88389263 fcfs FullSizeRender.MOV FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Selling these extra new set item, can check before buy. Collection at UBI Hanna copper checker + 1box reagent free$90 Jebao WaveMaker MOW-3 $70 Jebao wifi 2.4 wavemaker SLW-10M $70 Jebao Wavemaker SOW-8 $60 WS me 88389263
  6. Ya understand why everyone is saying so expensive let me explain this mandarin fish following me for almost a year try to imagine if u buy 5 mandarin can u trained them to take pallet ? Fat and thick , when u see the fish physically u will know. if u guys asking for $10-$20 dollar , I will just keep for myself sorry bros =(
  7. WTS my pallet eating mandarin fish $58 size 2-3” eating pallet m, can show u when visiting my place location 649 Jalan tenaga pls WhatsApp 88389263 IMG_8480.MOV
  8. Update, left cendol torch only last pcs I letting go at $30
  9. Selling some coral pm if interesting 8838 9263 collection at UBI
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