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  1. The bottom wooden stand is not included actually.
  2. tank size L36inch W20inch H12inch, condition 8/10 glass thickness is 6mm collect at punggol asking $250
  3. full crystal glass cube tank condition 8/10 with black chamber at the rear glass, glass thickness is 6mm diyed cabinet from a wooden drawer, quite unique. collect at punggol, interested please come to view it n discuss on price. ASKING at $180
  4. Hi Recently got a 1.5ft cube tank from a friend, now need to look for a suitable cabinet for it, best able to put in a sump tank. If u have one would like to let go please et me know your asking price, with some pic for reference would be good. Thanks
  5. Item sold Drum still available, go at $30
  6. Collected by a nice guy who brought 6 cans of drink to me... Mod close
  7. Guys, Free so wasted if throw so call again... 1. 7" filter bag with acrylic holder 2. Isolate box Collect at Punggol Blk306b Punggol Place
  8. Balance all disposed Mod pls close
  9. Kanna pilot today... Item has been dismentaled from the wall already... Just to remind buyer, unit comes with TWO MEMBRANE, Resin still working, TDS = 0, Activated Carbon is about time to change but still can use... I still hv a TDS meter n a blue drum container comes with cover n a floating stopper. All at $280. System attached with a mini water pump to enhance water pressure for faster water output.
  10. No ppl want the free pumps?
  11. No ppl want the 7" filter bag and its acrylic holder?
  12. Sale update: Eheim compact 3000 66w -- $50 (sold) Eheim compact 1000 23w -- $30 Eheim compact 600 11w -- $20 Mouse Battery Air Pump M-102 -- $5 (New) Free items: Rio 2100 30w 2630l/hA tman 500l/h 8w Atman 230l/h 2.5w Newave 1000 25w 750-1400l/h (sucker lost), good for low flow fishes eg. Seahorse or frogfish... (Those who want the above items can knock on my door n say hello to me or my family members. Hehe :)) Collect at Blk306b Punggol Place, #03-25, S822306
  13. Mod pls close for me this tread. Thx
  14. Those who don't have a DI system now is your good opportunity to takeover it, item was made n maintained by Madpetz.
  15. Guys Tanks for clearing for me these two days, I still have some leftover to be cleared by this evening at 8pm... Cheers!
  16. Hi guys, Just post here in case u want... 90cm (White) -- about 1 yr old, sell at $30 36w 90cm (Pink) -- about 1 yr old, sell at $30 36cm 60-70cm -- less than 6 months old, sell $20 15w 60-70cm (more Blue/ few White), old stuff, sell at $10 40-50cm -- less than 6 months old, sell at $15 10w Collect at Punggol
  17. Updates: Leftover with: 1. 5 stays with mini pump (price revised to $250) 2. New 4" filter with holder (free)
  18. I hv 7" filter bag with holder 4" filter bag with holder (new) 12" length acrylic Isolated box (quite new) and many more useful items... Come and take it...
  19. Last few items to go... Price revised to $250 for fast deal... Collect at: Blk306b Punggol Place, #03-25, S822306
  20. Sump has reserved till this evening.
  21. Going cheap: Eheim compact 3000 66w -- $50 Eheim compact 1000 23w -- $30 Eheim compact 600 11w -- $20 Rio 2100 30w 2630l/h -- $10 Atman 500l/h 8w -- free Atman 230l/h 2.5w -- free Newave 1000 25w 750-1400l/h -- $20 (sucker lost) Mouse Battery Air Pump M-102 -- $5 (New) Collect at Blk306b Punggol Place, #03-25, S822306
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