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  1. I left mine alone and fed them with food soaked in garlic and the ick went away. Kept water clean and bioload low and water temperature stable.
  2. no need live sand. just go buy some copepods and let them breed in your sand. they reproduce very fast. bacteria will grow after awhile after you cycle
  3. the small tank is most likely used as a refugium. you can put deep sand bed inside nad some chaeto and let your critters nest inside
  4. keep water condition good. they will heal naturally like in the wild. can try soaking your food in garlic guard. suppose to improve immune system of the fish. just make sure whatever that did this to your fish is removed.
  5. filter foam, use and throw away once a week.... no fuss
  6. i feed mine with chaeto from my refugium. after they got comfortable in the tank, they just started eating pellets automatically
  7. check out the tankmaker. http://www.tankmaker.com/all_product.html
  8. skimmer cant remove nitrates and phosphates. it should be the first filtration after your filter wool. then feed the water into the refugium for your plants.
  9. from what i can see from the pic, I think the problem lies with the pump and the skimmer being put too closely together. (if that is a skimmer I see in the pic) cant really tell your setup from the pic. If its a skimmer and if your skimmer allows, try directing the skimmer's water exit upwards so that the water comes out from the top of your sump and the bubbles dissipate from the top. or let the skimmer water land on a pieace of filter wool. that should reduce the bubble
  10. I think Iodine or iodide should be quite similar. Point is you dont really have to use it at all. the sea salts we use already have traces of it. can read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lugol%27s_iodine
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