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  1. Not yet! Came back to check on some information and seeing some familar names (not u muarchee, u last post in 2010) Funny this thread was started 8 years ago, to the very day! Anyone i know still around? I might be coming back to this hobby.... Akan datang.
  2. Thanks Joseph, how's the family doing? Your kid should be now up and running like a terror I presume. Well, Jude doesn't want to reset to 2ft tank, now we into another hobby. Got time let's catch up on kopi, can chio the rest of the guys too ya?
  3. Hi all, long time never reef liao. Selling the following to free up space for other hobbies: 6X AquaBlue Special T5 - 2 ft (24W) 2X BluePlus T5 - 2 ft (24W) Bought long time ago but never use it, so considered brand new. Only fire up tubes to test working or not. Tubes made in Germany. Selling only as a set, asking $180 (Market Price total is $230 if not wrong, I bought long time ago at $300+ when ATI is expensive). Interested drop me a message. FCFS. Cheers CE
  4. Oh yeahhhh........ remembered why you enquired where to get drums of industrial petroleum jelly a while back. I thought you were trying to fix the squeaky sound of your garden's carouselle. Now I know.....
  5. I prefer the humming and bellowing of whales than to dolphin's irritating clicks and whistles. The last time I got some dolphins, they were splashing and making so much noises in the shark tank till I had to give it up to my japanese chef neighbours....... luckily the makos and GWs are okay.
  6. Got problem with their fur the last time round I tried this specie....algae growing beneath the fur and they don't take so well with acid baths...still have the bones to prove.... Might be going beluga whales in the next available shipment since no fur for algae problems. In the meantime will do tests to see if the sharks will be friendly to the whales before adding them in. Anyone got beluga whale blow up dolls to borrow? Will return within a few days. The pricing they charge at belugaporn.com is ridiculous!
  7. Trying to boost it up to the most boh liao thread of the year. How's Saipan? Get a WWII plane propeller for me leh..... will be a nice artifact in my 30ft shark tank.
  8. Hi guys, just a word of caution, resins will degrade over time if not stored in cool and dehumidified enclosure. Even if stored in said conditions, the resins will not perform 100% if more than 6-8 months. Thus, don't order too much for storage...if not waste money.
  9. Either you got really long 'hairs' or a really short .... haha
  10. Propaganda rising.....new bestseller from Tom Clancy, you should read it Fuel...lol... catch up wif you again.
  11. Thus they look chio mah..... it's an illusion kinda thing... lol.... very hard to see 2 very chio bu very close friend without bitvhing about each other....unless ######...woot.
  12. Wah... MC you REALLY very free hor? Since I'm free as well, I play along with this future may-be Mod... haha Depending on how each's upbringing, different people see and do things differently. For example: In the Ah-Long's (Loan Shark [not related to reefing]) eyes, if someone cannot pay the loan, they will find the family members, spouses, anyone they can relate strong relationship with the borrower. Very much like neantherdals. Then in other's eyes, one is responsible for one's action. If the person was guilty of something, this group of people will not put blame on any other per
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