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  1. Bought lots of things from Reefmarketsg. No problems at all. PM you their contact pls WA them.
  2. Use distill water or RODI water and set to zero.
  3. Hi Bro,

    Interested in your Ehiem 1264 pump, please contact me at 81284638 to arrange collection.

    Thanks  /  Choong

  4. Thanks Bro, Nice meeting you. Choong
  5. Hi, Looking for Pink Anemone either Mid or large size, anyone selling or LFS have stock please PM me or SMS 81284638. Thanks
  6. Hi, Looking for Pink Anemone, anyone selling or LFS have stock pls PM me. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a AquaC EV-180 for sale, you can have it at S$100.00. Detail of skimmer as below :- Condition : used for 2 years for 5ft x 2ft tank. In full working condition. Pls contact me at 81284638 if interested. Choong
  8. Hi, I have a Aqua-Medic 1 HP Chiller HL 880 CA just serviced last month in full working condition. Just decom and upgrade to Chill Down coil last week. Can chill down my 5ft tank in 25 mins to 25 deg C. Also included a DIY Sound & Heat Insulation box to cover the chiller and absorded 80% of sound & heat. The box consists of Aluminium (no rust) casing and 2" thick rockwool insulation for sound & heat. Willing to let go at S$280.00 self collect from CCK. Interested pls pm me.
  9. Thanks for your Batfish, doing very well in my tank.
  10. Pls PM me the price. Thank you.
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