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  1. it is whitebar mystery wrasse or five bar wrasse. is reef safe and live in deep water, strong, easy to keep. i took this photo in Hong Kong, which is HK$9xx.
  2. In HK, Mimic Tang cost around hk$300~$350
  3. Hi Bro, I think u angel is smokey lemonpeel, but 0.75" is cutie.
  4. how much of this mimic tang u think
  5. what is the price of flame angel, pls PM to me.
  6. could anyone post the pic of those beautiful corals and fishes, pls?
  7. although the 2 power points is along the same stretch of wall , and they maybe connected to the 15A~20A fuse jumper, u better connect u aquarium equipments seperated to two electric extension units with 13A fuse each.
  8. As the chiller start, the Ampere will go peak and more than the chiller state at a short moment, them it will become normal, u should mention it.
  9. Any Nano tank success to keep SPS?
  10. U may buy it at supermarket, but most of them r in freeze and good for cooking soup. Danger to keep its in u tank, will eat u little fish!!!
  11. 1. Morgan 2. Achilles Tang 3. Danano 4. Robe 5. Bloop! 6. Foxface 7. Day 8. Bum 9. Kelstorm (PADI) 10.hoppinghippos 11.chrislwp (Padi) 12.Tango_Liverock 13. WLSS 14. Benz... (Padi) 15. Rycin (Padi) 16. yus (naui) 17. TanGo (Navy, NAUI Adv) 18. Alentino (Padi) 19. Tfrancis (Padi) 20. Angry (Padi) 21. Ian(PADI) 22. Supremo (Padi) 23. TTboy 24. dradttg 25. clammy (padi) 26. damsel-in-distress (Padi Adv.) 27.Calciumreef(Naui Adv.) 28. Guinness 29. Assillian (PADI) 30. ryz(Basic is SSI, Advanced is PADI.. screwed up eh? haha) 31. jd 32. narkosis (Naui DM) 33. wedgee 34. Huanjie (PADI Adv.) 35. JaGr (NAUI Adv, TDI) 36.dispar_anthias(PADI) 37. auberon (PADI) 38. dust_to_debris (PADI DM) 39. cysiong 40. manta (SSI) 41. euggoh (SSI) 42. KKX7 (PADI)
  12. kkx7

    My DIY 4Ft T5

    Hi, May i know the cost of belows; 4nos x Aquaz 4ft Parabolic reflectors 2nos x Aquaz 4ft 20000k 2nos x Aquaz 4ft actinic blue 2nos x dual elbiru e-ballast
  13. Did any guys carried live marine fishes to flight successfully. I've a bad experience!! Last time, i visited Vanuatu and bought 2 Boxes of marine fish from local's marine factory , and began my long long return trip to HK, ( Vanuatu->Sydney->Singapore->HK). At finally stage, Cathy Pacific Airline told me they can't ship these two boxes of live fish for me when the flight departure to SG. My poor marine fishes was left in SG , so i asked my SG friend took it and sold to the local aquarium shop...................what a poor experience , and i never buy the Cathy Pacific Airline ticket now!!!
  14. Hi every reefkeeper and fishkeeper, i'm new to this forum ,nice to meet your!
  15. Hi all, Below is a successful diy wavemaker!!!!!!! http://pages.infinit.net/lambertv/pages/di...urn_R_and_O.htm
  16. Hi Alexgan, Sorry, i'm a HK guy , but i think which is a common filter pad at aquarium shop . Which would'nt block the water flow, and is good for bacteria growing!
  17. In my opinion, i choice H&S, which is more efficiency!
  18. Hi All, With the new skimmer, u better use warm water to clean it first , it make skimmer faster to run in. On the other hand, some filter pad is good for cut down the bubble but some is not, u better buy the filter Pad in coarse type !
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