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  1. i experienced this mostly on Tangs. and they only take nori. later on their face sunk in & become super skinny with very big belly. is there anywhere to cure this?
  2. I bought few new fish to be add into my tank. but they still poo white powder "thinggie" even for few days. waht should i do next?
  3. wow! this really sounds scary! could tat b a RTN tissue falls on another colony cozing the virus spead to e colony?
  4. bad! pls remove. same will attack ur fish n coral.
  5. bad crab. & e 1 u have, is consider bad crab too.
  6. guys! this is hairy crab. which is mean they eat ur sps. pls remove them. acro crabs is different. smoother shell.
  7. sorry! juz to double confirm. natural sea water' kh should b 7 rite?
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