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  1. Equipment and Misc (Price can be negotiated)


    Sand 15kg/30.8lbs (pail included)- $15


    Coralife deep six hydrometer - $1


    Assortment of coral skeleton and live rock (cleaned and brushed) - Every 5 big pieces at $1, small pieces FOC


    250W electronic ballast - $10


    Miniflotor air driven skimmer rated for 200L - $20


    Yellow Tang 4" - $30

    Japanese Swallowtail Angel (Male) 5" - $35

    Pacific Blue Tang 3.5" - $20

    All fishes are healthy n feed anything that you throw in. Been with me for years. Note: YT dorsal fin slight tear but no sign of stress for months. Best to view before buying. If you need photo, whatsapp me via 9 eight 342 four 78. Location: Jurong west

  2. Any bros got any idea where can I get something like this. I sucks in DIY. I prefer something off the shelf and plug play de. U can call me lazy. I dun care. My DIY project always end up more ex and not as efficient as off the shelf items. I have a sump tank. If u are selling one can ctc me. Thanks 96639o88
    Bro if u looking for quality scrubber but don't mind the shipping charges, I would recommend you Floyd r turbo led scrubber. Well build and proven to work. His website: https://www.turbosaquatics.com/
  3. Based on the algae photo, your tank have high nutrient. It will take a couple of week for the nutrient to reduce n when u see green algae growing n less black sludge, it's maturing n I advise you to increase your flow if possible or increase light period until u notice yellow algae(indication for less nutrient, too much light) there fore reduce your light period till the yellow algae turns green back. Remember Always clean weekly as stated in algaescrubber.net

  4. Algae scrubber is proven to work and imo takes up less space, reduce carbon footprint(I'm using led scrubber), the best part is you do not need to change water too frequently(I change 5% per mth for my 600l tank), regular cleaning n removing algae weekly is much better than cleaning filter sock, skimmer cup, change po4 and carbon when exhausted. save money in the long run.

  5. Thanks guys for replying.... thanx.gif Yeah, I'm also afraid of the time required to clean off algea, and more importantly, that there isn't any Algae Turf Scrubber DIY design which is in my opinion good and clean cut enough. dry.gif It will just mess up the sump area... sigh.....
    If u want to know more about algae scrubber, u could take a look at this website http://www.algaescrubber.net Lots of DIY design n and there are resellers who sell quality made scrubbers. I bought mine from Floyd R Turbo. He is selling the L2,L3 and L4 LED scrubber. Price are reasonable as it is well made and proven to work great. More on his product at https://www.turbosaquatics.com/
  6. hi it been very long since i update about the ATS

    its been 10weeks months since i made my last WC :score:

    decom my skimmer 1months ago( was worried at first and i did a nitrate test twice everyday for a week :paiseh: ,now i'm still doing but once a week)

    changes i made to the ATS

    increased the slit to about 3-4 mm

    upgraded the pump to ab3000

    thing i noted.

    during the first 3 week , i don't notice much algae growth but after the 4th week the turf algae start to grow at a fast pace.

    seem to me there is also a so call 'break in ' period

    read santa monica about this part 'because weaker light will grow darker algae. Stronger light grows bright green algae, which does the most filtering'

    and 'Stronger lighting is always better, until you start "burning" the algae. Burned algae will be yellow, because it is getting too much light but not enough nutrients from the flow. More light requires more nutrients, which give you more filtering.

    So if you have yellow growth, increase the flow so that more nutrient are delivered to the algae. If you can't increase flow, then add some iron. If you can't add iron, then reduce the number of hours the lights are on. Do not reduce the wattage, however; stronger light for less hours is better than weaker light for more hours, because weaker light will grow darker algae. Stronger light grows bright green algae, which does the most filtering. '

    thus i got a ab3000 pump from a reefer and try out.

    well picture show the 3 days worth of algae growth.

    just tested the parameter.

    NO3 0 using salifert

    my sump now only have filter socks for my DT outlet and my ATS outlets

    manual dosing of KH/MG/CAL

    still dosing prodibio biodigest and bioptim

    have to clean the acrylic once every 3 days due to salt spray but i guess i could live with the 5min maintenance

    i notice my KH got suck quite fast and i guessing it the ATS which doing it.

    increase my usual KH.

    my water clasrity became very clear and one of my brain showing sign of bleaching. had to locate it near to a shade

    planning to introduce zeovit AAHC and CV for my tank but reefdepot out of stock so for now . :blink:

    lovin my current setup now.




    Receive my pm bro?

  7. Nice! Do you mind pm-ing me on how much this cost you? I am thinking of using 2 Nano Glo to DIY a smaller one but I am not sure if Nano-Glos would work.

    Enquire from delightings regarding diying the atf...i'm diying one 3 feet atf soon...nw still making my new sump...hee

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