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  1. woh GET FOR FREE and sell $200 here. good deals sia. the liverock where got 180 kg, what a liar...
  2. Selling a 2 inch lemonpeel angel. Collection at sembawang area. Selling at 35 buck, it is eating like a pig. Pls pm me to deal.
  3. HI i need help in getting the copper test kit, dun see to have it in the LFS!
  4. Hi all, I am a newbie with tangs and i need some serious help. I had a PBT which i put in my hypo DT. The ick is gone but i notice small patches of white color stuff on its body. Further more, i discovered that it is not moving much as the left side fin seems to be stucked or spolit as it is not moving at all. Pls help me as i dun wish to see my PBT die. thnks in advance.
  5. Had kept this pair during my 4 ft sps tank which had been decomm. However it is too strong for my new 3ft tank in my new home. The liverock had been flying off the stack. Bought at abt 600plus each abt 1.2 yrs ago and used for 8 mths before keeping it. Selling each at $300 or take both at $550. Deal at north area, can see them before buying. Pls pm me, or trade with 6105 with topup from me if get 1.
  6. 1 x Flame Hawk at $40. 1 x L size cleaner shrimp $8 1 x Blood Shrimp $8 1 x Black Clown $40. 1 x Mini Hermit crab $10 Take all for $100 free 4 turbo snail, and one goby Collection at Sembawang
  7. Got 2 viewing tonight. If any still keen pls drop me a pm with ur number. Hope to clear asap.
  8. it is a whole set bro. u can click on the link which is provided by a helpful bro here.. very nice... Damn CEZH.
  9. i need one extra. who have extra pls pls pm me
  10. thanks bro. Woh no one pm me, is it all give up marine or my price too steep?
  11. if keen to trade with a RSM silver pls drop me a MSG
  12. hi i also have 1 only, how much u selling urs?
  13. Hi all, Letting go my friend RSM which is silver color.. 2 pricing.. 1) The tank is clean with all the sand dug out. Selling at $700. 2)Never clean. U can brng home yrself and clean it. Selling $550. I will be giving a free CL650 and K1 wave maker. A bucket of Red sea salt will be give for u to kick start. Free live score for u to run the tank Free testkit and food for ur future use. The tank and chiller are only abt 7 month old. Pls drop me a msg to deal asap at North area. Selling due to CEZH Last few min let in 2 goals... Damn kelong
  14. hi all, thanks for the sms. I iwll starting sms or call those who had pm me the number to deal asap. the latest to call u all will be by sunday. will update on sun on the status. Will start by the earliest person who pm me. thansk once again
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