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  1. wah lau , so fierce one arr wah piang , i am referring to the toy as recyled stuff from ur fren la
  2. i came across a alarm keychain sold at NTUC...(only available in those bigger outlet) find it rather useful.. maybe u wanna go check it out
  3. Quote: - Puppies that are 6mths or younger behaves like a 1~2 year old baby. So if you wanna know how it will be like taking care of them, just ask any of your frens that have newborn babies.... The level of care and commitment is about the same IMHO. Chances is Spidy will break its arm or dislocate leg.....
  4. u miss me meh? don feel it leh.. *cough* u are always bz in Guam wat .. don dare to disturb u
  5. u very bored and wanna post something izzit
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?search=crocod...r&v=hoNBqe355zU
  7. just yesterday , there was one person in SG .. did the same thing to a kitten.. jailed for 3 mths.... haizzzzzzz...
  8. woah.. look who is here.. long time no see hor..
  9. haha.. very sensitive one wor.. later kana gun shot..
  10. wat kind of comment u nid? price or quality...?? heehee.. J/K if price concern, go for home breeder.. if u want pedigree then go pet shop lor.. i find the price over at PSR farm and pet shop almost the same leh.. by the way, what doggie u looking for?
  11. i believe the kitten was alive before being crushed.. see the first pic.. the lady was playing with the naive kitten to win its trust .. and she position the kitten to lie on the floor.. maybe the kitten was thinking that the lady might want to give it a little scratch? (cat will only do this when they are comfortable with the ppl) who knows in the end got poke by heels to death?? the kitten was caught off-guard before it can retaliate lah.... i suppose... my 2 cts i think the lady should be from *hi*a ...
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