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  1. Dear all, Im looking for a/m. Any lobangs or anyone selling. Please PM me.. thinking of coming back into reefing scene. Glad to see most reefers are here! Cheers, Wil
  2. im looking for JBJ or redsea max tank...anyone selling?

    1. Jameshong


      Why dun go for 2ft tank with sump? Fyi, I hv owned RSM before and due to many constraint..I sold off.

    2. wil_lee76


      oic..bro... thinking of that too.. thk thk

  3. Hi bro gouldian, long time no see! Aiyah now its school holidays....chaps nothing to do lah...but seriously, Singapore police force need to step up their routine checks & rounds..still remember when young, i always kanna CID check! Hahahahha
  4. hahahha! at least we still log in here..hahahah! great to see those reefers still hanging around here!
  5. bro, sad to see you giving up! Nice tank & well quality setup!
  6. Sorry guys...thank you for your PM. Just to let you know that its available anytime from now. also, no worries on the parts...all in working conditions & comes with warranty card plus parts except for the box. Collection venue - Hougang. Continue your PM on your desired price! keep in coming... cheers!
  7. Good day! long time no see! Chiller for sales - Well maintain & used for fresh water fish only. brand: artica titanium chiller model no: DBA-075 (1/10) period used: almost a year plus (cant remember, belong to father in law) Servicing - contact aqua-nautic. If not wrong, still under warranty. Chiller in good condition & working well. Cash only.First come first serve basis. NO RESERVATION. NO DEPOSIT. Price: $700 (Neg) How to reach me? Email me or PM me... thank you!
  8. bro, sorry to hear tat...a new year a new start! Juz be more cautions next time...when dealing with this low class morons...
  9. u better PM tat guy..how it get settle.....and MODS....are you around???
  10. Ya lor bro...too many to rem...too...hahaha! but i see the want who love "jazz" is hanging around with a different names....
  11. BTW, the famous cheater is back on hunt again...beware........ lao jiaos or regulars should know...who im reffering to...
  12. wah, im damnz hengz! nearly ask for his lightset....sorry bro..for your mishaps... most of the time when dealing with pple, always see stuffs before commiting...for past years in this forums...there tons of greedy & despicable pple who take advantages of this wonderful hobbies....from selling faulty items,reselling, cheating, stealing etc etc. Great that you stand out and warns others,but thats dose not prevent these bastards from doing again.... only we must be careful on others.... go for reliable resellers or threadstarter...if u see his post counts only few OR seldom posts...then advise you better don't deal even its damnz cheapz OR FOC... there are some mother%^&* who take it pple stuffs and resell it to us at a profit..right or wrong? decide it yourself... LOOK carefully....and be smart.... Take it as a lesson...and bro, the arcylic can replaced by DIY...no worries...at least it light up! BTW, senior reefers dosent mean....he trustworthy...always trust yourself....
  13. dear fellow bros & sis, looking for freelance designer for my projects in malaysia (JB) if things work out well, singapore projects will be handle by him/her too. PM me for contacts & recommendations, need it urgently as things are moving on soonz. Thanks for viewing! Regards, Wil
  14. bro, this set is a new set or second hand set? advice pls...thanks
  15. Last time, i happened to catch one is about 1 feet long and imagine the thickness...its about 5-8cm thick...better kill it...and it all happens when i took all my rocks and cook it with BOILING WATER.... Dead rocks...but after months...it becomes live and fll of Coraline algae. trust me...if u have small fishes....then it becomes a meal for it... hope these helps... 3 feet long...gosh...thats scary....
  16. no bro, cos home nano tank also neber uses skimmer...the tedious part is that u got do water changes to maintain water parameters. As for LS, me just kept pair of clowns fish. At least keep the NO3 down.
  17. wah bro...i see ur 1st pics...my hair all rises manzz.......see already give me the shivers....waiting for your new pics..and i would rather see NICE NICE pics!!!
  18. gosh, relax dude...and u seems to be badly brought up by your family...pity u but lets be forgiving...since hes like that...no point arguing.... Good luckz & Upz for ur thread... realli exciting over this weekend...luckily got live telecast...
  19. so what do u mean in here? Selling? OR did u post in a wrong thread bro?
  20. Bro, PM for the ehiem pump 1262. How long been using it?
  21. I guess that PRATA is much on pruple side...bi color...mmm..not too SUre... Congrats on ur NEW tank! Looks GOOD..rem....stay patience...mai anyhow anyhow..add add add....later all your hard spent $$$ all gone.. I do notice that this LED problems keep resurfacing...maybe u NEED to call QH up to #$% them...did u encountered any micro bubbles frm the skimmer...if budget allowed...go for TUNZE skimmer... Keep that "UGLY" pictures coming IN dude!!! HAHAHAH!
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