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  1. Available Zoas : Rainbow Infusion, Vamp in Drag, and Sunkist Zoas only. if you are interested in Emerald on Fire, i may have 1 more frags available. please pm me!
  2. UC - B1 + VID C8 + EOF E2 - *RESERVED by Khoo* - Sold and Collected VID C2 - *RESERVED by HB* - Money Paid upz for the rest of the Zoas.
  3. UC - B1 + VID C8 + EOF E2 - *RESERVED by Khoo* VID C2 - *RESERVED by HB*
  4. Dear Brother and Sisters, i have 4 Different type of Zoas for sale... Promotion for 4 type of zoas : 1 Frag $15 2 Frag $25 3 Frag $30 You can mix $15/frag with $25/frag zoas as a bundle to enjoy Promotion! Example : 1 Frag $15 + 1 Frag $25(Rainbow Infusion or Emerald on Fire Zoas) = $30 Rainbow Infusion : $25/Frag Utter Chaos Zoas : $25/Frag Vamp in Drag : $15/frag Sunkist Zoas : $15/Frag Emerald on Fire Zoas : $25/Frag What You See Is What You Get - None of the photo have been edit! All the Picture is taken un
  5. 3 of each zoas taken and collected. Interested, please pm or whatsapp me.. WYSIWYG.. No color edit..
  6. Dear Brother and Sister, Letting go some of my zoas. Rainbow Infusion - $25/frag , Utter Chaos Zoas $30/frag Sunkist Zoas , Vamp in Drag Zoas : 1 frag $15 2 frag $25 3 frag $40 Sunkist Zoas - Mother Colony Sunkist Zoas Vamp in Drag Zoas Interested, please pm me or whatsapp me at 9three8two 2six2four. Thankyou, Lorenzo Lee
  7. Dear Brother and Sister, Letting go my Kamoer X4 - 4channel dosing pump. by far the most precise and easiest dosing pump that i have used before - use together with handphone apps. Used, but not Abused. Condition : 8/10 Accessories : Complete Set Original Color : White, Sticker it Matt Black to match my previous set up. Letting go at $260. interested please pm me. Thank you, Lorenzo Lee
  8. Both True Octo sold to a kind and nice reefer. Purple tip frogspawn sold too... Left 2 open brain for sale.. Short tentacle Hot Pink with Yellow Mouth Gornio for sale - $60/frag
  9. Hi Brother and Sister.. i am clearing the corals on my Sandbed.. Please pm me if you are interested. Open Brain #1 - $70 Open Brain #2 - $70 Green True Octo x 2 - both for $60 Thank you for your precious time. Lorenzo Lee
  10. Dear Brother and Sister, I have 2 Calcium Reactor for sale, and both has been use, but not abuse. Interested please pm me. price is slightly negotiable. Deltec Calcium Reactor - PF509 - $300 (Brand New Selling $598) Specification Technical Data: Deltec PF509: Item No. 87157000 Mk5 Fluidised Calcium Reactor For use in saltwater Aquariums only Media volume 2.2kg Includes 2.5kg of Hy-Carb Media Footprint Dimensions: 180mm x 140mm x 500mm (LxWxH) 7 1/8 ” x 5 1/2″ x 19 3/4″ (LxWxH) Suitability: For Aquariums up to 450 litres – 100 UK gallons – 119
  11. pic of the hot pink plate from the top!
  12. Not at home now.. haha.. tonight will take.. but the shape of this plate is beautiful, full round circle..
  13. Dear Brother and Sister, Letting go one of my beloved Hot Pink Plate.. What you see is what you get, Size - aproximately 3" Condition - Very Healthy (Pest Free) Color - Hot Pink Tentacle with Orange base View to believe.. Selling for $120... Interested can whatsapp me at +65 nine38two 2six2four Thank you, Lorenzo
  14. lai, pass me.. i help you keep.. hahaha
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