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  1. stronge and Q babies where do your black oc. originally come from (england or australia)?
  2. very nice & Q fishes, i love their piggy bodies and colour.
  3. hello bawater, nice work of you ,i also raise black oc., my pair is also a big and small. how about the length of the pair and the method of hatching?
  4. very well,i think singapore's aquaculturing is more popular than HK's. in my local,very rarely people raising fish or others at home and rarely such post in forum.
  5. FuEl, do you culture copepods? what's type ? iantoh, the mentioned mangrove is in H.K. i have saw the whole bench has numerous carb in low tide,i think the larval carb need enough amount of copepods food(right?), so i try to collecting by hands. if my net is full size and collecting with machine boat, the capture amount of copepods may reach culturing amount of rotifers in my home. this trial of collecting is mainly for experiencing the knowlege of book. theoretically, catching copepods can be at night or daytime. what's the "tompang"? =join me? marinebetta, if my raising fishes
  6. i try to collect wild copepods by a small plankton net(only wave it in water by two hands), want to know the degree of usefulness of the small net and the abundance of copepod in particular location in winter. date & time: 26/12/05, 14:00, sunny day location: a mangrove beach water temp: 20 degree C(winter) water depth: 2 feet tides : rising i use florida Farm 50 micron plankton net (5"dia,15"long)with a 2m long rod, wave it by hands slowly on the surfuce of water for 15 mins ,mix the collected bottle's water up to 1L seawater. i roughly count the amount a
  7. i always remove my clown's nest form main ,place it in rearing tank for hatch that is very easy and you will get the max. amount of baby. you can hang the rock, place it under a airstone and blow the eggs gently. my pair don't delay their laying egg planing if i place the rock exactly in the same place and same angle after hatchig. so, recently, i have easily got 600+babies ...if not, then have fun trying to catch them out
  8. I must let you know if having rely. I give you a ss-rotifer lunch box if getting the product.
  9. Hi brothers, How can I find the product of ss-type-rotifer's resting eggs? Now, I only get the product's pic ,in below link: http://www.jst.go.jp/chiiki/create/tech_ht...-nagasaki-3.htm I have e-mailed the institute but do not replied yet. Have any way to find such product?
  10. very nice pic, it looks like the babies' bodycolour is darker than before, great work!!!
  11. now, the babies are 56days-old. they eat dry food, broken pieces frozen mysis and frozen adult brine shrimp.
  12. wow! very nice babies with piggybell. do the midbody of the oldest start turning black like their parents?
  13. now the babies are 48day-old(about half inch long). they can eat dry food only. i mix the food with garlic xtreme because there are big size parasite on some body of fishes.
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