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  1. hey reefers! any of you know of a responsible breeder to recommend? am looking for a black and silver Mini schnauzer. =) don't need to be truly breed standard... just want a healthy pup =)
  2. second hand is fine too! =) is it possible to get a good setup with 6-800 dollars? would a affortable cd player, amp and speakers be able to perform better than a mini hifi like onkyo? thanks!!!
  3. hmm.. don't understand.. brand new tubes selling for so much cheaper than how much i got it for.. how come no one... haha.. upz!
  4. upz! bought for $70, selling for $55 with delivery if you are on the east side.
  5. Hi there, Anyone knows of an experienced telemarketer who can perform? willing to pay well for good quality staff. cheers.
  6. hi all, got 2 t5 tubes (1blue &1white) for $70, 1 week ago. willing to sell them both for $55. its a more than 20% discount for something that has been unused, unopened and 1 wk old. great service from henry as usual, just my own mistake. =( pm me! =)
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