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  1. Collection in Hougang. So far, rocks sold. Goby, Blue Tang, Shrimp reserved. Bubble reserved. The rest still up for sale. Tank, Light, Lobster, Orangeshoulder Tang (free clownfish), Jebao Filter, Kalkwasser + Marine Veggies(free instant mud).
  2. Got Pur Kalkwasser, Marine Veggies and Instant Mud to sell too. Instant mud left little bit so will give away to buyer of kalk and marine veggies. Got two orange sponge coral and two leather coral also. $10 for all.
  3. Hi guys, I'll be leaving to australia to further my studies next month and need to selling away my tank and stuff inside before I go. I don't have a price list but just want to sell my stuff away asap. Fish: Blue Tang (3+ inch) False Percula Clownfish Orangeshoulder Tang (3 inch) Clown Goby (2 inch) Invert: 2 big cleaner shrimp 1 Purple Lobster (Enoplometopus sp.) Coral: 1 normal green bubble (ard. 4+ inch) Equipment: 1 JEBAO 303 External Canister Filter 1 3ft T5 lighting (reflectors spoilt) 1 3FT Fish Tank (with no overflow system) + Cabinet Stand. Thanks all for looking through my page. I do not have a price list again, so just sms me your offer or reply here. I'm living in Hougang, so collection will be there. Marcus (96946952)
  4. Hi all, Want to sell my blue spotted stingray for $20, size about 5+" excluding tail. Pls contact me at 96946952. Collection in Hougang.
  5. Why does the water's pH level drop at night and morning? Is it because of a rise in carbon dioxide?
  6. Hi all, Selling a used n-gage classic phone w/ 128mb that has Sega Rally, Virtua Cop, FIFA 2005 and Spiderman 2. (Cover not original) Comes with Charger and Stereo Headset, No box. Price: $190 Contact me at 96946952 for fast deal. Collection at any MRT along NEL. Cheers! Marcus
  7. Looks to me like it's a blue shark.. can anyone confirm it?
  8. yo yo.. been here all these while bro, just didn't post much messages only.. i posted to CBRD (Chemical Warfare Unit).. yeah.. everyday wear gas mask.. so how about you? where you posted to? haiz.. one more year to ord.. sianz!!
  9. Hey bro spiderone, you ptp batch issit? tot ord time is around nov...? which vocation you were in anyway?
  10. heh heh.. intro them to jalan kayu la, got some really nice prata there.. ahem! okay.. lame. Anyway, i know of tangs who like to think that some corals are algae, dunno whether they are stupid or wad, but yeah, they'll just keep on pecking like it nori or something..
  11. Woah, bro neokn, for a moment, i tot you came up with all that info from your head, actually it's from a website..
  12. Update on the tank guys. It's a graveyard. The PBT died, Angels are mostly all gone (blue lips, majestic, blue face) And the koran is struggling to stay alive, apparently can see that it got some kind of disease. Surprisely even the YT are starting to die off. The blue sponges are also disintegrating.. I feel sad for the person who is paying for all the causalties..
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