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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for those 3 - 5gal empty black bucket plastic with the lid, the ones that were used to contain premix marine salt. Needed it for some DIY DWC project and store saltwater. Kindly advise price and location. Many thanks regards
  2. Hi .. Just gave them a call and they only do wholesale and not retail. but would like to thank you still cheers
  3. Hi Guys, anyone able to advise where to get these black 5gal bucket ? and their prices? Many thanks
  4. Awesome...!!!! I see you using aluminium t-slot for the rack, seldom see people use aluminium t-slot and I am interested in it. Mind if you are able to tell us more on the t-slot ( price , loading calculation etc ??? ) as I thinking to use for my new house fish stand, Many thanks
  5. Hi , mind telling me where you bought the "plane" ???? thanks
  6. There are two types of mantis, one the smasher and the other the spearer. The way the two catch their prey are different smasher goes for crabs more than fishes while the spearer goes for fishes more than crabs
  7. Hi marchie. i have pm you on the swcd. kindly advise where to deal .. thanks
  8. Hi swcd wave maker still up for sales ???
  9. Hi guys... got an extra sets of the Exo-terra Glass Terrarium for sale. Brand New. never used before... features : Advance Reptile Habitats - 1 ft x 1 ft x 1 ft Full Glass Terrarium Front opening doors Removable top screen Unique front window ventilation Lock to prevent escapes Full screen metal top ventilation Raised bottom for easy Substrate Heater mounting Up to ten closable wire or tube inlets Natural Rock background pics taken from the internet idea for reptile lovers , frogs, scorpions and spiders keepers etc .. quoted from the net interest
  10. any idea where to get them the formaldehyde u mention ??? thnx ......
  11. hmmm maybe a litre or so .... wanted to preserve some nice bugs
  12. hi guys... i am looking for ethyl alcohol 99.5% fo rsome preserving of inverts speciemens which have died that i caught. any idea what is the price like and where to get them ??? thnx
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