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  1. mUAr_cHEe, u implied that u r char bor but ur personal information recorded as "male". actually, u r char bor or tar paw? it's getting more complicating!!!
  2. Never knew it can be so complex!! Jaslyn, if you are char bor, mUAr_cHEe is the best person to help you. If you are tar paw, it will be easier - anyone will do but watchout for gays! Just trying to be funny!!
  3. If you are still looking for a tank with sump, try going to Serangoon North Avenue 1. That's the place with lots of LFSs. I got mine there, but am not too sure whether they still have them. However, there is one outlet there that charges more than others. Other reefers may be able to help you find what you look for. Perhaps, someone could offer you a used tank, etc at much lower price and even help you do the setting up as well. At least you know they don't do so for for pecuniary interest, but out of real concern for a fellow reefer. As Blueheaven had said, "Learn from others' mistakes". In fact, you can also learn from other's successful experiences. It's also true that "too many cooks can spoil the broth". You are lucky! There are so many experts who are willing to help. Just approach one of them and I'm sure he's more than happy to assist if he has the time to. Good luck!
  4. Sorry, I omitted something in my diagram. "Water pumped to Main Tank thru’ pipes"
  5. Hi Jaslyn, Hope you are better off now, after all the useful tips and pointers by fellow reefers. I started the hard way with marine fish. I did not know where to get help then and learnt from my own mistakes. I gave up the hobby 3 times, only to come back again with new insights and ideas. It was not at all total losses. In the process I learnt and discovered many intriguing phenomena about marine life. Now I have finally been able to settle down quite comfortably with two tanks. A fish only and live rocks tanks and am experimenting on a reef tank. Nonetheless, I am still learning and experimenting. My fish do die but at least I know why. As fellow reefers had mentioned you would need a tank with a sump. That's how I finally succeeded in keeping my fishes alive and hearty for many years. My oldest fish is a clown fish for 4 years. It's still happy and bouncy. Of course, all those pointers you got are very important in ensuring that your fish are fine. Attached is a diagramme of a "Tank with Sump" just to give you an idea of what it is like. There are many variations in design and construction and I am sure most LFS will be able to supply them with the necessary fixtures and pipings. You need not have it custom-made as they are much more expensive then the ready made ones. I am sure fellow reefers can give you additional advice on how to set it up. Yes, there is one very important supplement you have not mentioned - that is, "Trace Element" which is also very important for marine fish. Happy reefing. Tank_with_sump.doc
  6. Hi Roidan, Thanks for the special service. Before you go down to Iwarna do call them first as I understand that they may not have an UPS at hand for you to test. They may need to get it from their supplier.
  7. Hi Roidan, You mentioned that you used UPS "before and they did not work well". What do you use now? I am still thinking of more effective and less expensive ways to tackle power failure problems. Quite a number of innovative DIY gadgets had been featured and shared among members. Any electronic experts among our reef friends out there who can come up with some wonderful ideas? Perhaps we can put our heads together.
  8. I am realy impressed by the enthusiasm and support of members who have volunteered to help out to make SRC@Aquarama05 a success. That's the kind of camadarie and true team spirit commendable. Regret that I will not be able to put in my penny's worth due to heavy personal commitments but I simply can't help, at least, voicing my admiration for all of you. Hope to be able to meet you personally at the Aquarama05.
  9. Just bought a special pair of True Percular Black from Coral Farm, 60 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6F on Sunday - special offer at $60 a pair discounted price. They have other pairs too mostly around $140/pair. You can call them to enquire Tel: 63322928.
  10. Anyone knows where I can purchase a not too expensive UPS or inverter/charger suitable for 2 power heads/pumps of about 300 watts? e.g. APS512 from Tripplite, etc.
  11. I am glad I am a member of SRC. No regrets at all, especially when you guys are so very helpful and spontaneous with your advice and views!! Within just a couple of days I am definitely much more enriched, on a concern which I had spent many months trying to figure out but ended up none the wiser. Thanks!! Now I know that UPS can be used for fish tank equipment. I am better aware of the pros and cons of all different measures to safeguard our beloved fish and corals during a power failure. It is true that it all depends on ones priorities and the premium that one is prepared to pay. It's now for me to decide on what I really want. I am also trying not to have too much bubbles in my reef tank. That's why, after acquiring the AC/DC airp pump I have not used it yet. Being a novice, I am still wondering if using streams.... is sufficient to keep the fish and corals alive during a power outage.
  12. Do we really need such a big UPS unit to power 2 stream pumps? Any other options?
  13. Roidan, you are certainly a great help. how much did you pay for yours?
  14. roidan, would appreciate it very much if you could tell us more about ur APC Smart-UPS 1500. which exactly are you using - APC Smart-UPS 1500VA USB & Serial RM 2U 230V (what's the diff. anyway?), and where you acquired it, price, & how you connect it etc. Rgds.
  15. Tineng, The model name is HAILEA AC/DC AIR PUMP Model UAS-12000. I think I got mine at a good price. There are other makes & models at higher prices. Freddy, Thanks for sharing your experience. I fully agree with you about the real need and viability of an UPS for fish tanks. Besides, after the June 2004 blackout, there should not be another one liek that otherwise S'pore Powers will have to pay a heavy fine. Yes, UPSs will only last for 1/2 hr or so. Too costly to pay form such a short backup. Rgds.
  16. Someone I met at a fish shop told me that UPS, used mainly for computers and other electronic equipment, need lots of servicing and maintenance, because they are delicate electronic products. Most fish shops /farm have special Hand Phone alert systems that notify them on their hand phone of power failures in their shop or farm - even if any one of their many pumps stop functioning. They would then go down to the shop/farm to take remedial actions. I have finally decided on a ac/dc airpump for standby. I bought a Halilea AC/DC air pump (model UAS- 12000) for $45. It runs on AC and when there is a power disruption/failure it switches automatically to DC, a built-in rechargeable battery which could run for many hours (at least 12 hrs). There are other brands which are more costly. My main concern was a power disruption when I am not at home and I thought an UPS was most ideal. Now looks like my only option is to turn on my AC/DC air pump whenever we are all out. It's much less costly too.
  17. This is the same question I have in mind. I have been making enquiries about UPSs because of my concern of blackout/power failure especially when I am not at home. The model or power of the UPS also depends on the total wattage of the equipment we intent to activate during a power failure. I contacted UIS Abler Electronics (S) Pte Ltd by email and was advised that for 2 submerged pump (power heads) of about 30 - 60 watts each Ablerex JP1500 (Priced at $699) will be sufficient to provide backup power for approximately an hour. They have another 1000L ($136) and 625L ($92). I also understand that UPSs are available at Sim Lim.
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