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  1. Upz for a very nice gentleman. Treat his things very well even while packing.... lol Thanks for the Zoas, bro .... It grew well and I think they already doubled themself. Do they usually grow that fast?
  2. On second thoughts Slovakia vs New Zealand 1 : 0 Ivory Coast vs Portugal 0 : 2 Brazil vs North Korea 3 : 1 Brazil vs North Korea 1 : 1
  3. Technically speaking, you do a 50% water change to remove 50% of the nitrates. So if your tank have 20ppm of Nitrates after cycling process, it should be 10 after the change. But it depends on what you are adding back too, especially if you use NSW from bad source which might contain high amount of ANN. I heard some salt mixed do too. The bacterias usually reside in the sand, live rocks or wool in the sump. I ever consider using 50% salt required to start a cycle, and adjust the SG after the cycle is complete and 50% water change. I gave up the idea and use NSW for cycling instead, after I start using a algae scrubber. Anything can give out ammonia when if they die off or excrete waste. I believe anemone do and some LPS should too.... even dead and live rocks Its not about 1-2 at a time. I usually recommend to my friends 1-2 live stocks weekly or fortnightly depending on the waste it might generate.
  4. Its nearly impossible for wild fishes to find food daily, not to mention "sufficient" food. I remember I read somewhere that a good average is they find food once every 2 weeks. Some even months. But in the wild, its a natural cycle. Hungry and weak fish soon become food for others. I usually feed my fish 1-2 times a week.
  5. Slovakia vs New Zealand 1 : 0 Ivory Coast vs Portugal 0 : 2 Brazil vs North Korea 3 : 1
  6. Quite true. At least you can monitor. I bought a Sand Dollar from Henry about a week ago. It burrowed into the sand upon introduction and I never see it again. There wasn't even sign that it was moving under the sand. I wonder if I should start digging to see whether its dead or alive.
  7. Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish Plectranthias sp.?
  8. Sun tanning, maybe? Try flipping it over?
  9. I wonder if my leather coral is angry for posting its "scandal" on the web.... lol.... It refuse to open for the past 48 hours. Fuel, I am curious about corals photosynthesizing. What actually happen during the process? What is produced or used during the process? How much does it differ from water plants? Many thanks!
  10. Found anything interesting in the skimmer?
  11. Hi Leonard, Maybe you can share a picture of your scrubber? Would be nice
  12. Spotted Hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys aprinus)?
  13. Baifeng Wan is extremely heaty. Meant for after period. (From my wife also)
  14. OK OK, sorry for being paranoid.... Just checked with my wife. Its not bad, quite helpful, allow her to feel fresher. (direct translation)
  15. Ohh! I see... another defector.... Do not skim on pumps and WM.
  16. That's my job, I am a WSH Professional.... Allow me to over react one more time. Normal body check up do not cover checking the head, the bones and intestines (I do not know about breast). What I do know is my aunt had being going for regular check up in a reputable hospital, but its only through some signs that her children insist her checked by a specialist only to find out she got nose cancer first stage. Trust your body signs
  17. I was trying to find out coral's feeding habit and I came across this series of articles. Part 1: Corals Need More Than a Lot of Light Part 2 Corals Are Pretty Selective Feeders Part 3 When Do Corals Eat? Part 4 Corals Need More Than a Lot of Light Not very comprehensive, but at least it give a very basic understanding of Corals Feeding.
  18. A friend of my brother complains he can't listen very clearly and he suspect due to his interests in listening to loud music. After sometime, he developed migraines too and suspected due to lack of sleep. My brother and his friends advised him to see a specialist, whom detected a tumor in the brain. Do not ignore the signs your body is showing.
  19. Ohhh... Neo Tiew Cresent.... That I know.... lol
  20. OKOK.... thanks.... BTW, I am considering of going LCK this weekend. I got the address from Jacky "201 Lim Chu Kang" but couldn't to find anything from streetdirectory.com. Anyone going there this coming weekend can lead me the way? PS: I am riding there.
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