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  1. Nice.... I do have plans for sea fans to cover some parts of my tank in the future.
  2. Bro, Help me check the conditions of the fishes, I try to house a few if no one takes them. Hate to see them ended up in the place they are bound to die, you get what I mean.
  3. I thought I saw one in Sell off/Pasar Malam Shop recently, you might want to check it out.
  4. Eeeewwww.... there goes my mushy.... Congrats MOssrope!
  5. Go Goal USA, one more goal and I will receive an interesting mushy!
  6. YEA! I was so AWE by mother nature! More interesting than stupid World Cup for sure!!!! *runs and hide behind LemonLemon*
  7. Hi LemonLemon, I am pretty sure its not shredding. The "fine tentacles" look-a-like are from the bottom of the coral, not the top. I wasn't able to capture a high defination video but its definitely trying to catch something. The moment it touches some "dust" it will retract back for a while, then release the "thing" out to flow again. The "thing" looks like a feather and can be extended a pretty good distance and retract back again. Very interesting to watch!
  8. My first encounter with a leather coral feeding. Finally managed to capture the actions with my iPhone after 20 mins trying.....
  9. I read somewhere lack of potassium can cause discoloring.
  10. Come on USA! make it 2-1!!!! Own goal 1 if England cannot shoot straight as usual!
  11. I suggest you pump the water back to the tank direct from the scrubber. I do not want to trap all the pods in the filters. My previous try with acrylic holding the IOS failed miserably. It warp too much under pressure. I suggest maker to use a slightly thinner glass, then cover it with a 3mm acrylic.
  12. A friend told me "Marine tank is not interesting in the things you can see in the day, but what you can see after the lights is off..." So my wife and me went hunting the tank after our supper. Surprise to have found a tiny crab look alike being about 3mm size. Its seems to be like grabbing food from the water. so cute Saw a tiny white long (about 2mm) worm-look-a-light dancing to our LED torch. Most interesting findings is we witness the stool leather coral feeding! Its simply amazing!!!! Manage to capture it down on iPhone video after we spent about 20 mins trying to get the best light angle. Need to find out how to post video here.... lol.... the super fine tentacles (correct word?) shoot up and down!!! So mystical! PS: I guess its nothing new to you guys, only fascinating to newbies like me.....
  13. I am lazy type, I will leave them alone hoping coraline alage will grow over them... lol
  14. That was an epic winning for me though... lol...
  15. I remember 2 seasons ago, France was playing Senegal for starting match. The bet was like 10:1... I couldn't resist and bet $10 on Senegal.....
  16. It could be consumed.... by hermit crabs etc. But you could prevent it from spreading by isolating lights into you tank. They might die off if you shade it long enough, which is pretty long....
  17. Greece vs Korea Republic 0-0 Argentina vs Nigeria 1-1 England vs USA 1-2
  18. Hmmm.... Bro while I agree with you, it should also be noted to newbies like me that these stunts are not for the faint hearted.... PS: In the past, they say its impossible to keep marine fish....
  19. Don't worry jacky, You can always depend on my tank....
  20. In other word, he should be more worried about the rest?
  21. I am still pretty busy reading.... lol....
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