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  1. Hi guys, I owned a 4ft x2x2 tank currently. Its a planted tank currently and I am considering changing it into a marine FOWLR tank. Listed few things I would like to enquire, 1) Currently using only a Eheim professional external callister with "rubber" pipings, I would like to upgrade it to a more "professional look" PVC pipings at the back of the tank to hold two external callisters. Any idea how much it would cost? Any hobbists here provide such services? 2) I am using only FL and PL lights for my planted, and are considering to upgrade it to a pair of MH lights. I have problem getting "permit" from my "minister of home affairs" to hang the MH lights from the ceiling. Any idea where I can find these stands which I could hang the lights about 60cm away above water level? 3) My tank doesn't comes with a sump nor the required "cuttings and holes", is it advisable to be used for marine? Appreciate your replies.
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