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  1. Go Bali lor, last time I went there, a lot of nudis :groupwavereversed:
  2. They are about same lar. Can swim across in fact... where you diving depends on you dive group. What you can see depends on luck.. A friend of mine took open water in Tioman saw Manta, took Advance few months later see whale shark.... I went there a few times and still see nothing.... :pirate:
  3. I remember the MCB do not exceed 20A in normal household. 6A for lighting and ceiling fans, 16A for air-con compressors (water heaters too IIRC), 20A for general sockets.
  4. An approved plug/extension should be able to handle a total load of (230x13) = 2990W safely. If you are "kiasi" like me, adding another factor of 70%, it should still be able to handle 2093W easily. On the other hand, it is not easy to determine the load. Some loads (especially motors, such as hand drills) can use up to 6 times or more power during start up.
  5. Its all over youtube.... :thumbsup:
  6. the 13A limit is on the plug. Your household MCB should be 20A.
  7. I seriously think you will have better advice in Hardwarezone.com or VR-zone.com
  8. Seems like I am the only one genuinely trying to help you break free from reefing.... I have specially concocted a very effective therapy for you. I had just PMed you my POSB Saving Account number. Every time you feel like starting a tank, just log in to all your bank accounts and transfer every cents to me. This will prevent you from buying anything unnecessary If you fail to do that..... Welcome back!
  9. Finally pick my butt up to do some modification to expand the slit. How the flow is a lot more even Can't really see from the video, but well... its about there
  10. Mine from Fish-street recently went kuku. The first socket won't turn on although the red LED on the socket is lit. I need to manually do a all on, auto , then it will turn on. I contacted Fish-street and they say they will send me a replacement ... Still waiting....
  11. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.42568
  12. Won't it be easier to use a test pen?
  13. Goondoo

    LED Panel

    Hi Bro, Can advise how much is the constant current driver and how many 3 watts LED it can support? Interested to get a few too....
  14. I had received many PMs inquiring about the ATS we had BO previously. I created this thread to share everything I know or experience in the making and use of the above model designed by SantaMonica but customized to fit the resources we can find locally. I understand it is not cheap to make the ATS box and I managed to convince one maker (also a friend) to assist making some samples for about $100 each previously so please do not act smart by taking my invoice/receipt to negotiate with the same maker (I kena screwed for nothing).:angry2: Lightset - Aquazonic 2 x 24w light set Can be acquired from Seaview, one of the cheapest I think since they give a further 15% discount. Question: Did you get Aquazonic lights because it is the best option? Answer: No, we got it because its the cheapest possible. (Touch wood, so far have no problem at all) Question: Can I use other lightset? Answer: The box is redesigned based on the Aquazonic dimensions. Go figure. 2700K T5 tubes Can be purchase from: 32 Ang Mo Kio ind park 2 Sing Ind complex #06-15/16 0900hrs - 1800hrs mon - fri 0900hrs - 1300hrs sat Below $8 each Screen I got my screen from Artfriends Takashimaya. It's use for stitching or something, about an A4 size netting. I cut it into half and use both, cleaning one of them every 3-4 days. Just a few dollars. Pump SantaMonica recommend at least 3000 l/h of flow for this design. I am using Rio HF17. PVC Parts PVC pipes and end cap can be found in most general hardware stores. The design we use is based on grey PVC, not white (supposedly different) PVC connectors like the one below can get from the hardware shop beside the box maker but I suggest you placing an order with your neighborhood HW store. Challenges you may face: 1) Price of ATS box alone is not low, especially if you get it alone. The average quotes I get is between $190 per box. Cheapest about $150 for mass order. 2) Cutting a straight slit for the outflow - Use Dremel tool or drills a few holes and slowly cut with saw blade (please remember to use all necessary protective equipment such as gloves, eye protection glasses etc), 3) Getting the right flow - the level the box is place, angle of cuttings on pipes, angle, size of slit, thickness and material of screen, connection size, output speed, algae grow on slits etc can affect the flow. Facts 1) ATS is the only filter I got for my tank, I did not measure the ANN since I didn't get the kits and there hadn't been big algae outbreaks for the last two months. (So those want to know the effectiveness can come help me measure ) 2) I do not have the final design/drawing for the ATS box. Those want to see how it works can contact me for an open house demonstration, $5 per person . Other links SantaMonica FAQ More pictures of my set Is ATS effective? As mentioned above, I do not measure and I won't comment, but SM constantly update this thread with reviews from happy users around the world. Also like to specially thank Bro StevenKoh for the help, guidance and trust he had given me in this BO.
  15. OK, all my planned stuff are in. Can try your zoas liao! So far all the zoas I got is doing very well in my tank. Where can I collect em? :ThanxSmiley:
  16. Just received my TDS meter and ATC refractometer from Peter TDS from my tap is 65 and SG is 1.028... should I minus 0.0015? Some strange encounter with my "customized" Crystal Pro 3-stage though. Water didn't fill up the last two callister (water level: Carbon - nearly but not completely full, 1st Resin - about 50% full, last resin - about 1/5 filled), but there are water from the output hose. Suspect a leak somewhere but it doesn't make much sense as the water output is too strong for a leak's wild spray.... anyone encounter this before?
  17. I'm sure you know a higher kH will help you buffer big swings.
  18. Were you one of the 2 gentlemen with a boy?
  19. Errmmm... This is an old tank I bought over from a feefer.... I believe the silicon was there to hold a black acrylic for aesthetic purpose only.... guess it got detached over time and the previous owner didn't paste it back. I didn't really bother as my intention of this tank is really a trial my interests in marine as per the topic. Maybe I should try scrapping it out next time when I move my kid's playpen away from the area.....
  20. Bean bag video My family fell in love with this PBT from CoralFarm. Took a video on my bean bag after releasing it.... Yellow tang seems a bit too big for my tank. Willing to let go if anyone with bigger tank is interested. Both already feeding on pellets and Henry's Gourmet
  21. Goondoo

    Led dilemma

    No worries bro. PM sent!
  22. Goondoo

    Led dilemma

    I guess you didn't order for me?
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