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  1. Goondoo

    Led dilemma

    Aiya, if you say early i tonbang my drivers too.
  2. Sim Lim Square (3rd storey and above) Sim Lim Tower...
  3. Get a pet dog and blame it
  4. I am just expressing my interest for anyone interested to organize a BO.
  5. It should be the payable amount in SGD already. But usually, they do not include GST yet.
  6. I am keen in getting, 2 x Mean Well LPC-60-1050 constant current driver 1 x 5.9" x 9" Aluminum Heat Sink
  7. My contractor just got back. I don't think its cheap... $48 and $58 respectively, and I suspect GST not included.
  8. I was trying their shipping cost. Seems like the amount to be ship have little effect on the shipping cost and will not exceed $25USD (tried ordering $3kUSD worth of drivers and heat sink) . Seems worth doing a MO. But, seems they do not have much stocks left for Mean Well LPC-60-1050 constant current driver for now though. PS: I am not sure if they are really cheaper over all and if their warranty international (for LED driver)...
  9. Let's see if he got any lobang or not first.
  10. Ebay is not a popular option in China. This is what I found in 淘宝 (in RMB). I am asking my Electrical contractor to check with his suppliers if they can find these (Meanwell LPC 35 and 60). Will keep in you guys posted once he get back to me.
  11. reputation reset to zero again! haha!

  12. Giving out a set of industrial MH set with ballast free. May need to replace bulb. Throwing it away if no one interested. Would gladly take a few polpys of any zoas (preferably bright colors) as token. PM me for contact details. Given 1 set out to bro danaya, left last set.
  13. There is a rumor that melamine sponge (such as Mr. Clean) may be able to remove fine scratches. I've also seen a lot of different melamine sponge sold in Daiso. You may want to give it a try.
  14. How much are you selling them?
  15. I know Iwarna do provide tank maintenance services. I was there when a Korean was asking for quotation.
  16. Eeww.... I knew I should have trust them!! Thanks!
  17. Did you mix it in a separate container and test it? I couldn't help as I didn't purchase the Mg test kit too
  18. I have a Tunze Wavebox, a Tunze 6045 and a Tunze 6025 in my 3 footer. I would say just nice.
  19. Referring to the link bro jackywong shown you previously.How could 1300 be very low?
  20. Why shark? Why not cow, lamb, chicken, fish, prawn etc. Are their live less valuable simply because they are not facing extinction or they could be farm bred? Or just because they go through the so call "proper" death by the so call appropriate slaughtering method, using the best technology to shortage their pain, or prayers that give them direct ticket to heaven? Who are human to judge what is best for them? Not challenging, just not understanding. Why do people only worry about sharks whenever someone brought up such issues. PS: I do not really like shark fins
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