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  1. MOssrope's Argentina vs Germany 2-2 Spain vs Paraguay 1-1 Goondoo Argentina vs Germany 2-1 Spain vs Paraguay 2-0
  2. Ah Siang's Brazil vs Netherlands 0 : 1 Uruguay vs Ghana 2 : 1 Kiko's Brazil vs Netherlands 2 : 1 Uruguay vs Ghana 2 : 1 Goondoo's Brazil vs Netherlands 1 : 0 Uruguay vs Ghana 1 : 0
  3. Saw you logged in so many times but you refused to reply. I cancel my order (although I know you offer it to someone else already).
  4. Green bubble 1 green note from Iwarna firefish 1 green note from SL
  5. Noted... will try to sort out my excess rocks still in my pail.... that 1 more of parking slot.... frags not sure where to put or new frags will stay there first... easier to monitor and feed.... lol Not bad I guess... already saw a few about 3-4mm crawling around the rocks...
  6. Google is my best friend http://www.chemistry.nus.edu.sg/PSSO/Purchase/Suplist.htm
  7. Were you the guy feeding them flakes on Sunday afternoon? The volume of water plays a very big part.
  8. Thanks. Glad you like it too.
  9. Yeah. One thing that iPhone really impressed me is the video. One thing that iPhone really irks me is the photo! You are kidding me, right? I better go check on them tonight.... ...lol...
  10. Yeah! My late mum thinks so too..... To me, bean bag is a must! But don't buy cloth type, hard to maintain. I bought mine (synthetic leather) from Toa Payoh furniture shop (can't really remember which 1... lol). Less than 4 blue notes IIRC. Subsequent fillings can be bought from Art Friend at less than 2 red notes.
  11. Lazing by my (nearly a FOWR) tank last night till lights off.... lol.... Took a video using my iPhone whilst lying on my bean bag....
  12. OK bro... I will take it. Just did some read up.... Exactly what I need to fill up in one of the corner with high flow. Please advise of the collection method
  13. Hi bro, I am interested in your - Radioactive Green birdnest on frag plug $20. Please allow me to read up a lil on it before committing.
  14. Bro, There are different theories on this..... unlikely you can find a definite answer here.
  15. Just another beginner... but here's my summary from some read up and experience. 2. Someone has also told me that anemone can be easy as well, as I have seen it in a basic nano tank without cold water. now how true is this ? From experience, anemone is easy,IF, you do not have the intention of trying other corals. Anemone moves a lot, especially in a smaller tanks, and you might find your shrimps and little fish missing too. My latest casualty been my lovely firedart fish before I decided to pull the plug and gave it away. 4. Lighting... most confuse part, some ppl told me PL is no good as it does not encourage coral growth and recommended T5. What is the comment ? what about LED lighting ? I'm using PL-S 55W 6.5K at the moment. It is not about what kind of likes is good, but what kind of lights is effective. Many believe T5HO (high output) give the best coverage in par and spectrum in smaller tank while I do heard of people running Metal Halides on one footer. If you are good with hands, you might want to try DIYing a LED set (stevenkoh is doing a MO for it currently). Kelvins or K is an unit for color temperature. Lower K is yellowish and higher K move towards blue. It is also believe that lower K is in fact better for coral growth, but it will look horrible to viewers..... lol... Personally I believe PL is sufficient for 1' height but they give off a lot more heat as most PL uses magnetic ballast. It is also not easy to find effective tubes that are aesthetically pleasing to your eyes too. Just my 2 cts worth
  16. Qualifying last 16 Kiko's Paraguay vs Japan: 2-1 Spain vs Portugal: 1-1 Goondoo's Paraguay vs Japan: 0-1 Spain vs Portugal: 2-2 Binosage's Paraguay vs Japan: Spain vs Portugal: Eniram's Paraguay vs Japan: 1:2 Spain vs Portugal: 2:1 Mitlancer's Paraguay vs Japan: Spain vs Portugal: Mossrope's Paraguay vs Japan: Spain vs Portugal:
  17. FTS also not much change.... lol.... Only added a few small corals nia.....
  18. Nothing much to shoot leh.... lol.... Cardinals freaked every time I went close. May be I will shoot more of my clowns, didn't get a good shot of them previously.... lol...
  19. Qualifying last 16 Kiko's Netherlands vs Slovakia: 2-1 Brazil vs Chile: 2-1 Goondoo's Netherlands vs Slovakia: 2-0 Brazil vs Chile: 3-0 (edited) Binosage's Netherlands vs Slovakia: 3-1 Brazil vs Chile: 2-1
  20. Qualifying last 16 Kiko's Netherlands vs Slovakia: 2-1 Brazil vs Chile: 2-1 Goondoo's Netherlands vs Slovakia: 2-0 Brazil vs Chile: 0-1
  21. Finally decided to give away the carpet anemone after my fire dartfish went missing. Been searching around my tank for since Thursday to confirmed that it did not jump out. Got a Bubble Coral and Torch Coral (I think) from Iwarna over the weekend. Also got a pair of Kaudern's Cardinal from Ah Beng. LemonLemon, Beng say Geo Hawk should be available on Friday
  22. Kiko's England vs Germany 2-0 Argentina vs Mexico 2-1 Goondoo's England vs Germany 1-1 (90 mins) Argentina vs Mexico 2-0
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