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  1. Very nice set! But a couple or more pictures of beaus there would be nice
  2. Hi Ray, What are the coral food you had successfully tried using this method?
  3. My 3 pump in my sump is resting on those black sponge used as coarse filter. Pretty effective for me.
  4. I had read that a general good guideline is between 10 to 20 times the volume per hour. Hope this helps.
  5. Another main culprit is air bubbles!
  6. I believe those one fan type is mainly AC fan, the DC one fan type is usually pretty weak.
  7. Eniram France vs South Africa 1-0 Mexico vs Uruguay 0-2 Greece vs Argentina 0-2 Nigeria vs South Korea 0-1 AhSiang Mexico vs Uruguay 2-2 South Africa vs France 1-2 Argentina vs Greece 3-0 Nigeria vs Korea Republic Korea 0-0 kikobananas France vs South Africa 1-1 Mexico vs Uruguay 0-0 Greece vs Argentina 0-3 Nigeria vs South Korea 1-1 Goondoo's France vs South Africa 0 - 1 Mexico vs Uruguay 0 - 1 Greece vs Argentina 0 - 1 Nigeria vs South Korea 2 - 0
  8. Hi Jack, Thanks for the reply. This power supply is the so call "constant current driver"? Do you mean it can support up to 8 LED bulb with 3 x 1w LED? Many thanks again!
  9. Very nice! How much did you spent in all? Will definitely get 2 if price is reasonable! Please advice on your suppliers location also.... lol TYVM for sharing!
  10. On your last FTS posted, is it possible to turn/move/rotate the huge bottom to the left to create a 2-3 inch gap with the right side? It might create a deeper depth with a "look through" right at the 1/3 spot. The right side placement is awesome!
  11. As you mentioned previous, your satisfaction is what matters. OK, I will get the movers in ... kidding lah!
  12. Hi LemonLemon, It is indeed very different when viewed through the lenses. You have to decide your preference, whether to look nicer in pictures or real life. Often when we are doing scaping for planted tanks, we will ensure it look better in photo, so as to take part in ADA competitions etc. If you prefer it to look better in pictures, you may also have to consider the rock placement (zen, 1/3 rules etc), depth of placements, growth/colors of corals etc. I still find the tank look horrible in your house..... I am sure it will look better in mine...
  13. Nikon D300 + Sigma 150mm f2.8
  14. DAy 11 Portugal vs N.Korea 1 - 2 Chile vs Switzerland 1 - 0 Spain vs Honduras 2 - 0
  15. You can buy and put in my tank first mah Up for you too!
  16. Thanks for the encouragement! Help me look out for Geo Hawk when you cruise LFS. lol....
  17. Thanks bro. Took about 50 pics.... junked the other 49 Its pretty common.... lol...
  18. Thanks, bro. That's what I guess too (for pic 4)... Oh, and I forgot this new member
  19. Did another round of cleaning on my scrubber. Manage to see some green turf despite mainly dominated by brown algae. Took some pictures of the new members since last week. Got a pair from SeaLife These zoos were given to me by Bro Kelvin in loose form. Glue them onto a live rock and it tripled in about 3 weeks. This polyps are unknown to me. Got this from Ah Beng last weekend. They are electric green but nearly impossible to get out the colors. These are definitely my favorite in my tank now. I guess they are mushroom? and they sway very nicely in the current. Considering to frag them out on some empty rocks I have. Please help me ID the last 2 pic if possible. Just want to google more about them and their fragging methods. Thank you!
  20. Its getting overly complicated for a simpleton like me...
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