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  1. does any divers know if the project has commenced? i never heard any news from tioman anymore except that it caused an uproar from many people since its announcement last year. I wonder if they have started to kill those centuries old corals on the sea bed ;)

    We was having our honeymoon (+diving) in Berjaya not long after the announcement.

    I spoke to the dive operator we were with, and he actually assured me that there will not be much destructions to the reef and corals as the constructions will be on the existing yacht parking area. However, the operators near that area are not happy and had been making lots of noise because they will either need to bare with the noise, dust etc or relocated at their own cost. <_<

  2. The guys said "It was sweeter than lobster."  :P

    I've seen bigger in Manado while diving off Bunaken :lol:

    It does taste great, especially when dip in black vinegar. I tried it in a village in MY some years back. They call it urine prawn or something like that. :shock:

  3. hmm...well not exactly ;) . While the 3 pin plug is fitted with a 13A fuse (grossly overrated for it to provide any protection at all, imo), you have to take into consideration the current rating of your circuit breaker, wires etc.

    Best bet is of course get a qualified electrician to check for you, the least you can do is at least isolate the high consumption appliances..eg. chiller, MH lights etc.

    I remember vividly that the MCB current rating use for power sockets is 20A, lighting 6A and water heater 15A? Something like that :D its had been like 17 years back when I did my Electrical :lol:

    Your fuse in your power plug should blow first before the MCB.

    I remember my lecturer did mentioned that the danger normally wasn't the power/current ratings. It is the number of raw connections like plugs, extensions etc which are connect based on overlapping or touching. The brass and metals etc on the plugs and sockets of your circuits might oxidize over time and form a layer of insulation on the metals limiting the connectivity. The current will soon try to "hop" over the insulation, creating a spark which may result in a fire hazard. So the more raw connections you have, the higher the risk, and not forgetting adding on a multiplier to the risk factor if you are using those cheap power extension you buy in pasar malam using inferior metals. :evil:



  4. After using FLs for my planted tank for the pass few years, I am rather unhappy with their short life span. I am not sure about T5 (guess I will read up about it 1st) but normal FL tends to go dimmer and dimmer after 6 months.

    btw, for my current planted tank using 4x36w FL and 4x36w PL, I ran 2 DC fan and 2 AC fan consecutively and are able to maintain the maximum temperature below 27 degrees. I really have no idea how much warmer MH is going to get but the MH pendants I saw is said to be running on E-ballast which is suppose to be cooler than my existing lights that are running on iron core ballast.

    Anyone running MH lights without chiller kindly advise me here please? :)



  5. my advise would be to forget abt the MH..  :lol:

    seriosuly, you'd be wasting a whole lot of money and your minister soon would be kicking u out of the house!  :lol:  :lol: if u want an MH, you would need a chiller if not...  :eyeblur: then your bills would go skywards...

    FOWLR u said? fishes do not need bright lights nor do they need a chiller.. less for some species that i don't believe you'll keep in the near future nor ever..  :P

    go with what barnacle said... T5s are good... 2 white ones and 1 blue plus..  :yeah:

    good luck in your startup dude!  :angel:

    After using FLs for my planted tank for the pass few years, I am rather unhappy with their short life span. I am not sure about T5 (guess I will read up about it 1st) but normal FL tends to go dimmer and dimmer after 6 months.

    saw those similiar stand at IMM..

    use for build in wardrobe for hanging clothes.. :)

    but $$$$$.......

    it got something like suction cap at each end

    of the pole,

    and secure it to ceiling and floor :eyeblur:

    not sure if its strong to fix MH

    Hi Barn,

    I guess its the same thing I saw in IKEA the other day then. Need to drill the ceiling too I think. Thanks ;)



  6. hello all MA BAKERs ...

    dosing baking soda will add alkalinity to the tank quite quickly. according to CHEMICAL- ALI bro EKIA, if you are concerned about too high an alkalinity for your tank, please buy a KH test kit to check.

    me of course not buying, can't afford.

    reason: pH reading does reflect some indication on tank's alkalinity. so by keeping it at about 8.20 ... should be safe as a turtle shell ... (my take)






    A point to share.

    Make sure you are buying Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda-Potash) and not baking powder. :P

    I had using Redman brand from Phoon Huat(the shop that sells alot of cake making ingredient) to maintain my KH on my fresh water tank too. I got a 500gm bottle from them few years back? so can't remember the price. :paiseh:




  7. if my memory serves me correctly, they are selling 2 systems, system A and system B, though i see no difference in both systems. Both use large amounts of bioballs. Btw, the 5 ft tank on display was around 4000+ bucks, including ls.


    I think the better way is to organise a trip to SP for you pros to "TEST" their water parameters. :D

    I know nuts about marine tank and such publishing could have easily won me over.

    You never know, they might have something really new that are suppose to be a "trade secret" since the whole research was sponsored and "buy over" by Coral Reef? I might be able to arrange a visit if you guys are interested.

    About the biological filtering itself, its nothing new at all, planted tank owners, like myself, tends to use alot of bio rings to host the bacteria that is suppose to do such tasks of converting from ammonia/ammonium(NH4/NH3) to nitrite(NO2)to nitrate(NO3).

    From what I understand, NO3 itself is totally harmless to fish, but are one of the main elements required for plants(including algaes) to grow well. I know nothing about its affects on corals though.



  8. bro,

    welcome to the marine world

    IMO if u wanna keep FOWLR, T5 will do. But if u still insist

    on MH, u can get a bracket fix to the wall or customised

    hood, in which u can mount in it. but i think hood will be better

    coz it can "hide" u'r light.

    although cannister can do the job but

    marine tank is best with over flow and sump.

    juz wanna share my experience with my ministry

    of home affair. Use to nag at me for setting marine tank

    but after seeing the beauty of it, encourage me to buy more

    LS. :D


    Hi bro,

    Thanks for reply.

    Just went IKEA today looking for ideas to hang the lamps without drilling the ceiling. Think quite hard to get a cheap stand, even building one shelf out of those DIY woods will cost me a few hundreds.

    Happened to passed by those lighting shops today. Went in and check out their customised hanging MH pendant. Each pendant is about $160 and comes with E-ballast built in. They have 70W and 150W, are these suitable for marine?

    Anyway, from I-Aquatic website, I saw these stands, any idea where I can get them?


    As for the sumps and overflow, I think will need to take sometime to convince her.

  9. Hi guys,

    I owned a 4ft x2x2 tank currently.

    Its a planted tank currently and I am considering changing it into a marine FOWLR tank.

    Listed few things I would like to enquire,

    1) Currently using only a Eheim professional external callister with "rubber" pipings, I would like to upgrade it to a more "professional look" PVC pipings at the back of the tank to hold two external callisters. Any idea how much it would cost? Any hobbists here provide such services?

    2) I am using only FL and PL lights for my planted, and are considering to upgrade it to a pair of MH lights. I have problem getting "permit" from my "minister of home affairs" to hang the MH lights from the ceiling. Any idea where I can find these stands which I could hang the lights about 60cm away above water level?

    3) My tank doesn't comes with a sump nor the required "cuttings and holes", is it advisable to be used for marine?

    Appreciate your replies. :kiss:

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