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  1. sorry bro, seem like they got no more stock of that driver.

    Eeww.... they had 7 the last time I checked.... lol....

    Help me get 2 Mean Well LPC-35-700W constant current driver then :)

    Many Thanks!

  2. You might ask the contractor doing the maintenance whether they can provide an extension to your tank.

    Have to search way back in SRC. Maybe try searching for UPS in this forum.

    I just want to read about it and consult the Electrical Engineers in my company... else also don't how to ask.

    Tried searching and googling UPS too..... too many returns.... lol....

  3. just called smsystem

    they only have stock for lpc-60-1750 going at 40 each but too strong for my bulbs. 1050 have to pre order and estimated time will be 8-16weeks


    Can help me order 2 x Mean Well LPC-60-1050 constant current driver if you ordering again please?

  4. u can take a look at it website and decide the link is at the quotation upper left

    I had been staring blank at it. There is 4 types of blue.... poster_oops.gif

    and I don't know which will give my corals more "glow" effect.

    Anyone can help, maybe?

    Only for the glow effect. I have sufficient light for my corals currently.

  5. oni wrong... must be in caps


    give me some time to find the yuma haha.

    and should have a mushroom to go with it too from wilson.

    sorry man so much hard work but so little contributions for the winner..

    sps for you?

    No need lar..... simple better... SPS I scared die in my tank... lol.... Got nice color zoas just give me 3-4 polyps can liao :P


  6. yeah on top of that grats to spain too... finally a world cup for them..

    poor holland next few cups the players all ah pek already... think its hard for them in future...

    did you guys see? more spainish royalty/VIP than dutch around the Fifa president.. so hmmmm

    but hope this prediction system had helped you guys enjoy the world cup more thats all i am asking for.

    ooh the vid.. i wanted to release the video to you..

    but this guy will be very very unhappy.

    Don't worry, we are very far from Uganda! And I won't really post or watch them.... just hope to get some good corals... through trading.... pirate.gifpirate.gif

  7. Have to sell this Dunlopillo Super Single Storage Bed (199x107 cm) to raise funds for LED lights for my tank (kidding lar, upgrading to a 3-tier bed for my kids). Bed is about 5 years old but look extremely new and very well maintained. Comes with Dunlopillo 100% Latex mattress. Storage area can be use to keep many stuff and yet very accessible.

    Bought at about $1200. Going for $250 (exclude delivery).Neg.

    PM with name and contact to arrange viewing.




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