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  1. This is the life rock from CF, which i brought for $750. It is made up of 6 pieces of rock that fit the 4ft tank.
  2. TECO 680 Chiller...this was service and kept
  3. DD Sea salt will be given free to the buyer for the entire set
  4. Daikin 1HP compressor that can chilled the 4ft tank every 4 hrs and runs about 15-20mins. this helps to save up a lot of electricity cost $$$
  5. Main Tank and Sump w 3 compartment and a external Water refill tank (can use a small pump to top up water w a sensor). The MAXSPECT LED LIGHT that can give life to the 4ft tank.....it can go as deep as 2.5ft
  6. upz...for anyone interested for whole set
  7. Hi All, Here are the info of my decor tank = 4x2x2.5 1. <> 60kg of Coral Farm Live Rocks $750 (total about 5-6 big pieces that can build your castle) 2. Maxspect R420R LED Lighting 160w 16K (14mths) - $600 3. Daikin 1HP Chiller (7mths) - $1100 (Removable and setup by buyer, easy to install) 4. Sump tank that have refrigium - $200 Other 1. Teco RA680 - $200 (working and can chill a 4x2x2) 2. Skimz Skimmer (for 1000L) - $200 (need to fix some part of the Pump, not a big issue) 3. Lots of Sea Salt (D&D brand) 4. Test Kits 5. Calcium, Strodium, etc 6. Salt water measur
  8. Hi All, Thanks for your Whatsapp and SMS. However I need to clear my LR first before I can clear other things. LR 50kg (5~6 big pieces) for $600. Original price around $800, this rocks is purchased from Coral Farm. Pls message at Thanks. After which will be my compressor and light than live stocks.
  9. Thanks bro and sis for your query on the sales. I hope to find a single buyer to buy out (I will give him everything, include salts, tes kit, measurement kit, etc). if after a week, i will start to sell in the order: 1. Live Rocks - $750 with Coves and Corals that are stick to it. 2. Fishes - as specified up there 3. Chiller & light - as specified up there 4. Tank & Sump - $200 5. D&D Salts, measurement kits and testkits 6. any others Chemical top up will be given free on big purchased. Thank you for your interest.
  10. HI All, I hope to see any buyers to buy out the whole tank in next 1 week. if yes, all my stuff th i have will pass to the buyer. Only after next week, I will than consider to sell other things individually. I need to sell off the Live Rock first before corals and fishes and etc. Thanks for your inquiries.
  11. Hi All, Its a great journey to have upkeep the tank for the past few years and get to know a bunch of great reefers whom has along the way assisted me with precious advice and techniques. However, due to my business, i have no choice but to end this journey for the time being. Here are the info of my decom tank. 1. <> 60kg of Coral Farm Live Rocks $750 (total about 5-6 big pieces that can build your castle) - Note that LR have some corals on it and cannot be removed, will go together with the LR sales 2. Maxspect R420R LED Lighting 160w 16K (14mths) - $600 3. Daikin 1HP
  12. Thanks. Haha, no $$$ to acquire more luxurious LS. So have to bare with simple one lo.
  13. This few days i have woken up in the middle of the night to see any ISOPODs leaching on the fish.....NONE! Seem i have caught all 3 giant ISOPODs and hopefully after this all the fish will survive happily. Steven, you want some in your mini reef tank :)
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