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  1. Time to trim. So will either give or throw away
  2. I have some. Come collect FOC. Please bring your own container.
  3. Most likely is the relay within that broke down. Do note that this could happen from time to time due to extended exposure to moisture.
  4. Interested in Argi. How long did you had it?
  5. lol. keep a bunch for me :thanks:
  6. Interested in the neon goby. Can reserve them for me? BTW, your orchid dottys are doing very well in my tank When are the peppermint shrimps for sale?
  7. Screen is 1.5 ft x 2 ft fed by aquabee 5000. Lit by 2 x 65W CFL 24x7. Tank is 3x2x2 with a sump 4x2x2 LS: 1 x Blue Face Angel 1 x Fanfin Angel 1 x Midnight Angel 1 x Fisheri Angel 1 x Pygmy Yellow Tail Angel 1 x Moorish Idol 1 x Flame Hawkfish 1 x Arc Eye Hawkfish 1 x Cleaner Wrasse 1 x Solar Wrasse 1 x Six Line Wrasse 1 x Green Wrasse 1 x Lyetail Anthias 1 x Purple Queen Anthias 1 x Purple Tang 1 x Algae Benny 1 x Lyretail Dottyback 2 x Aust Black Ocellaris 3 x Blotchy Anthias 13 x Clams (2 x teardrop maxima, 5 x maxima, 4 x Crocea & 1 x Squamosa) 3 x Sea Urchi
  8. May I enquire what if I wash both sides and scrapping of most of the algea each time? I am using 2 x 65W CFL. Green algea grows near the bulbs at the centre but the rest are red slimy/ clumpy stuff. Please advice.
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