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  1. Tank decommissioned. x1 TECO TR20 Chiller for $450. Note: - Original Connector has leakage issue - Replaced with new replacement (bought from Petmart) - One TECO fan faulty - Replaced and run for 9mths before tank "shutdown" Viewing and "testing" at Potong Pasir. Hope to clear this Sat. Kindly leave your contact if interested. Thx Peter
  2. Storeroom Clearance x1 Jeqno Neo External Power Filter $20 (Previously used for freshwater tank) Model: NEO-501 Power: AC230V 50Hz 22W Collection Potog Pasir Thx Note: Hv diff deleting the Jebao canister pic. Leakage found at inlet/ outlet connector. PM me if you want to salvage the part.
  3. CL450 for sale @ $100 Reason for selling: Convert to TECO chiller Note: a) Use for 3+ yrs b ) Last top up May 08 c) Original fan has been replaced to 2 units of AC fan (refer pic) d) Chiller side handle missing e) View at Potong Pasir - for testing p.s. preferably for <3ft tank as not effective in chilling existing 3ft tank :thanks
  4. as above. I've yet to test the efficiency hence need the taker to test the phosphate level . ~500ml to spare. Kindly PM me if interested. Thx
  5. Is there any diff in DI water (reverse osmosis, DI water purification system etc). Beside TDS and perhaps Nitrate/nitride test, is there any other tests require to determine that the DI water is suitable for topup. Thx
  6. Thx for all the advise. The anemone is currently hidding behind the rock but its tentacles seem to be "functionable". Will closely monitor its health. Hopefully it will survive.
  7. Perform major overhaul of tank and injured the bubble-tip anemone in the process (torn the base of the anemone, about 1 inch). Will it survive?? any remedy action that can aid it's recovery. Thx in advance for the advise.
  8. Hi Wanted to buy overflow box. Kindly PM or SMS me @ 92716761. Thanx
  9. Congrats to AT & Team & ALL SG Reef members Last count of memebers at 6000+. Expect membership spike after publicity.
  10. Check your electrical meter value and deduct your previous month data indicated in the bill. Based on the total usage (in kwh), can do a simple calculation to check if the bill is correct. However $900 is simply ridiculous.
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